06 Jan 2019, 20:25

(story logging) afraid of getting a drivers license
20:25 Sunday 06 January 2019 JST
Write a few sentences about something you did during your ordinary day.

Realized I can get a drivers license

Which one of these simple event of the day had an odd moment? Or
evoked an emotion such as aggravation, frustration, surprise,
miscommunication.  **Name the emotion.**

I realized there was no reason to be a afraid. I wasn’t afraid of riding roller coasters (but some people were). Why should I be afraid of getting a drivers license (as most people are not)?

What were you trying to achieve?  What did you want?

Wanted to get a driver’s license.

What was stopping you from getting what you wanted?  Was the block
internal or external?

Block was internal. People might notice me, or judge me

Why was this important to you?  **Was there a backstory** that would
help us understand why this is so important?


What **lesson** did you learn from all of this?

Shut up and drive

What **change** can we make in our lives from here on?

Stop letting fear drive the proverbial car in life

Write a Haiku or two about it: 

Write a story about it: