05 Jan 2019, 20:27

State of my life address
20:27 Saturday 05 January 2019 JST
  1. I have not been writing in my journal a lot recently..
  2. But I have been writing a lot on https://www.marbletrack3.com/
  3. Been working a lot for AB, JB, TY, IST
  4. For AB, I have been going through https://mlaphp.com. Middle of step 5 now, trying to untangle class dependencies.
  5. Been working on game app with Tariq and recently Dipendra
  6. Very likely to go to US in late March and April for men’s group weekends. Gotta tell Beans this time, once it is set. Still gotta figure out tickets and such
  7. Tokyo Men’s Circle has had an average of 7 men attending each week recently, for past few months.
  8. Lin and I watched Pursuit of Happyness last night. I watched most of it. Funniest comment I saw online: Will Smith played Will Smith in the movie.
  9. Jennie is our cat; she is fine.
  10. I have worn shoes outside once this winter. Been fine so far, down to about 3 degrees C.. One time so far this season it rained and was that cold I wore shoes.