10 May 2021, 10:24

what just happened?

Wow yeah it’s like I’m just glad it’s over, sad it’s over, and not really sure how to integrate all the pieces.

Plus picking up the pieces of broken stories to put into one coherent narrative..

There were lots of times that I found things on the map that I thought would be really cool and then they simply were not as cool and as I expected.

  • This or that park / garden
  • Planet Restroom

And then there were some things I had no idea I would see that were really quite cool.

  • Abandoned hotel in Sarugakyo Onsen area
  • Collapsible walls next to the highway.
  • A trash collector at the end of a small river.
  • Guest House Googoo is little brother to delicious Italian restaurant Googoo

09 May 2021, 16:28

arriving at the goal

2021 may 09 buy 2021 may 09 map screenshot almost there 2021 may 09 selfie near bridge 2021 may 09 selfie at final barrier 2021 may 09 barrier waves 2021 may 09 barriers 2021 may 09 goal hiro mika lin

09 May 2021, 12:38

François on stairs

2021 may 08 francois on stairs with bridge visible 2021 may 08 francois on stairs with bag visible

PS the coordinates listed are kind of off.

09 May 2021, 12:35

Shinanogawaohashi has stairs

I made it to the bridge with stairs going up, the final interesting point that I planned to visit before embarking on this quest.

2021 may 08 francois on sign for three rivers 2021 may 08 approaching the bridge 2021 may 08 bottom of the steps 2021 may 08 looking up the steps 2021 may 08 rob and flower collector

09 May 2021, 06:01

Creative force

Last night my computer kept shutting down which I assume is caused by faulty interaction with the new battery. I woke up early to try to open the case and take out the battery but was not able to do it because of Apple’s use of pentalobe screws. Ugh.

I tried super gluing my pen cap into the screw but the glue wasn’t strong enough. I tried using my knife from Bill to carve the pen cap into the right shape but wasn’t able to do it.

While in the creative mode, I realized I could use the tape to make a cover for the camera which I used to take photos of the whole operation which I cannot currently put up on my website now because my computer is not working.

I wish I had asked Lin to bring my new computer from home which I have a 2% hope that she did anyway without me asking.

In any case here’s the picture I was able to take and upload with my phone.

2021 may 08 made lens cap for camera

09 May 2021, 05:54

hanging out with Daisuke and Hiroe at Googoo

2021 may 08 francois with ice cream 2021 may 08 francois too much to drink 2021 may 08 daisuke hiroe rob

08 May 2021, 18:49

Great time with Daisuke and Hiroe at Googoo

Googoo is the sound of an empty stomach and of deep sleep. So what better name to use for a restaurant and guest house?

Located just two minutes apart by foot, Googoo Restaurant and Googoo Guest House are a delicious and clean combo for Italian food and place to sleep off the meal and ample drinks.

Daisuke and Hiroe are also backpackers, heading for months long adventures in different places around the world. We have some overlap in South America and Rapa Nui.

While writing this entry, I got another full glass of umeshu. And they have ice cream… Yikes stripes! Will I wake up in time tomorrow?

2021 may 08 guest house googoo entrance

2021 may 08 restaurant googoo

2021 may 08 francois with umeshu

2021 may 08 daisuke working at googoo


Oh my goodness, they picked up my tab at the restaurant. So generous!

Daisuke had said 遊び来てね! and that 遊び is what made me think it would be worth it to take my tired butt over there. So worth it indeed! We had great conversations about travel and he asked world-traveler type questions, including “what prompted you to stay in Japan?”

Really super best of alll the places I have stayed. Apa was 3700 cheap and impersonal. Googoo was just 5000 yen and included dinner and hours of great friendly conversation!

08 May 2021, 15:38

interesting pool thing

What is this?

2021 may 07 looks like a pool 2021 may 07 looks like trough covers 2021 may 07 overview of pool and covers

From the side

2021 may 07 pool from the side

08 May 2021, 11:14

francois and a big dam screw

François found a big dam screw

2021 may 07 francois with a big dam screw

08 May 2021, 10:42

I may have found Jurassic Park

Welcome to Jurassic Park

2021 may 07 moss looks like jurassic park