17 Apr 2021, 10:59

summary of day one walk

2021 apr 16 summary of day one walk

16 Apr 2021, 22:27

finished day one.

( this is being written 12 hours after the datestamp )

Arrived home last night at 22:05, super sluggish, barely able to drag self up and down the stairs. The first few times I went down, I walked backwards because my legs could not handle going forward down the stairs.

So so grateful for Lin joining me and sorting out the luggage issue.

Here was the plan for the day… we pretty much stuck to it as there was not a lot of detail. We left Rinko park 50 minutes later than I had kinda planned in my mind, and it was time well-spent with people chilling and hanging out.

Shraddhan joined Lin and I for a significant portion of the walk.. 3 hours I think. Super great to talk to him and see him and Lin chatting as I struggled with gear or walking.

Also great that Lin drives the route a lot so knew exactly how to get home. All in all a 10/10 day!

  • Day One, (Friday April 16th 2021 *)
    Walk 21km, From Rinko Park on the bay in Yokohama to my house (not shown). (21km walked so far)

As part of the kickoff event, I will lead a walking meditation in Rinko Park.

Join us Friday April 16th at Rinko Park in Yokohama, (map) on the concrete circle in Rinko Park.

Walk to our area from Rinko Park

16 Apr 2021, 17:27

11 of 21 km finished on day one.

2021 apr 16 me and lin more than halfway home

Lin and I have basically been walking since 11:00 a.m. and now have made it 11 km.

Just 10 more kilometers to go… At this rate, we will get home by 11:00 p.m. I think haha.


16 Apr 2021, 16:31

two consecutive upgrades

2021 apr 16 before getting a base box

This picture is from when we said bye to Clare and Yuumi.

See how the bag looks all crushed and tired?

For my computer’s safety I had it up at the top of the bag so it wouldn’t get crushed, but it was causing the bag to pull the handle as if to collapse the cart.

Lin had an excellent idea of getting a box to hold most of the heavy stuff, i.e. computer and two blank book diaries.

2021 apr 16 white box with crushable lid

We bought this box at a home center, with the idea that if it doesn’t work then can use it in her office. It worked well enough for a while but the lid kept getting crushed under the weight of the bag and presumably putting pressure on the computer inside the box.

2021 apr 16 green box with strong lid

Now, it looks like we’ve solved it by going to a heavier duty home center and getting a heavier duty box.

Super thanks to Lin for knowing that that was a heavier duty home center and would have the stuff we need.

16 Apr 2021, 14:51

Mark Shraddhan pics from Yokohama

Feeling super supported at the kickoff event.

Here’s a sampling of pictures with probably more to come..

2021 apr 15 rob in barefoot to niigata shirt 2021 apr 15 rob shraddhan close by mark 2021 apr 15 rob shraddhan far by mark 2021 apr 15 rob and mark by shraddhan

Thank Mark, Emma, Lukas, Shraddhan, Lin, Yuumi, Clare for attending!!

16 Apr 2021, 13:02

Francois joined us in Yokohama

2021 apr 15 Francois on steps by yokohama bay

Here’s a pic of François from the actual starting point of my walk, next to the bay in Yokohama.

2021 apr 15 Francois near art in yokohama

Walking in Yokohama, I saw this interesting art and a seat in front of it that François can sit on.

16 Apr 2021, 02:53

nearly packed, headed to bed for 4 hours

2021 apr 15 this much more to pack tomorrow morning

Great to chat with Missy while Lin and I pulled together the items on my packing list. Over about 4 or 5 hours it basically all came together, with some items not making the cut: wet wipes, keyboard, solar panel.

Lin headed to sleep around 12:30am and I fell asleep on the couch for about 30 minutes before taking a shower around 1:30am.

Now it’s 2:50am and I’m in bed planning to wake up in 4 hours or so. Lin and I will arrive at Rinko Park at 9am for walking meditation, then walk home 21km together.

Feeling tired, happy, optimistic.


09 Apr 2021, 12:02

Day by Day plans for walking ~400km to Niigata

Just the Walking Meditations:

Route across Honshu


These are maps of each segment, subject to change. For the latest info, PM me on LINE.

  • Day Two (Saturday April 17th *) Part 1:
    Walk 4km, from my house (not shown) To Yomiuriland (25km walked so far)

I will walk from my house to Yomiuriland, possibly via 百合ヶ丘駅 or just go a more direct route.

02 walk 04km to yomiuriland

Join us Saturday April 17th in Yomiuriland

👉🏿 Let’s enjoy riding roller coasters in Yomiuriland!
👉🏿 Anyone want to try the bungee? It’s not that tall!

Click here to see the rest of the walk plans..

It will probably be dark by the time we leave Yomiuriland, so I doubt we will be able to see much near Tama River.
But we’ll cross Tama River and then walk a bit to Chuokan Hotel.

03 walk 08km to Chuokan hotel in Fuchu

Walk 3km Hotel Chūō-kan to Musashi Kokubunji Park

Walk 3km Musashi Kokubunji Park to Pizza-La Hitotsubashi Gakuen

Including ~1 hour at the Sewerage Museum

Walk 4km Pizza-La Hitotsubashi Gakuen to Higashimurayama Shiritsu Fujimi Community Center

  1. Meet at 2pm at 東村山市立富士見公民館 (Higashimurayama Shiritsu Fujimi Community Center), close to 八坂駅 (Yasaka Station)
  2. 2:15pm - 3pm Walking Meditation Event in 東村山中央公園 (Higashimurayama Chuo Park)
  3. 3pm - 3:30pm walk to Toilet 5 in 都立狭山公園 (Sayama Park) (nearish 武蔵大和駅 (Musashi-Yamato Station))
  4. 3:45pm - walk mindfully to Toilet 2 in 都立狭山公園 (Sayama Park)
  5. go play at Seibuen Amusement Park (if it is open!)
  6. 5:30pm - 6:30pm Walking Meditation Event for 3.8km along Lake Tama to 西武球場前駅 (Seibukyujo-mae Station)

For latest updates, join our LINE group!

Walk 9km Higashimurayama Shiritsu Fujimi Community Center to Hotel Restay

Plan to hang out in Totoro’s Forest for about an hour until 10am.

walk 1.3km from Hotel Restay to Totoro’s Forest no.1

Eat lunch until 12:45pm

walk 5.6km from Totoro’s Forest no.1 to Fujisawa central park

~45 minutes Walking Meditation in Sayama Inariyama Prefectural Park until 15:15pm

Walk 4.3km to Sayama Inariyama Prefectural Park

See the zoo for an hour until 17:45pm

Walk 4.4km Sayama Inariyama Prefectural Park to Sayama City Chikozan Park Children’s Zoo

Chill at hot spring for an hour until 19:30

Walk 2km Sayama City Chikozan Park Children’s Zoo to Tennenonsen Kachofugetsu Hot Spring

Walk 2km from Tennenonsen Kachofugetsu Hot Spring to

  1. Optional chill Marugame Seimen Beisia Hidaka Mall
  2. Definitely turn here

Walk 7km to Strawberry garden

  1. Probably take photos near Oppe river
  2. Mail postcards at Hatoyama Post Office
  3. Possibly take photos near Hato river

Walk 6km from Strawberry Garden to Lawson Hatoyamaizumii Shop

  1. Take photos of rice fields

Walk 6km from Lawson Hatoyamaizumii Shop to Ranzan Valley BBQ Area

Walk 9km From ranzanto Nokonoko Italian

Along the way:

  1. Dai Sushi (TODO: call to confirm their hours possible number 048-582-2577)

Walk 07kmFrom Nokonokoto Spamu

  1. Write letters / postcards at Cafe ポエム or Ekimae Jido Park

Walk 9kmFrom SPAMUto Cafe ポエムnearish Matsuhisa Station

  1. Mail postcards at Misato Post Office (open 9am - 5pm)

Walk 08km to hotel in Honjo

Walk 12km from hotel in Honjo to Isesaki Shiminnomori Park

Hang out until 14:30pm at Kezoji Park

Walk 5km from Isesaki Shiminnomori Park to Kezoji Park

Walk 3kmKezoji Park to 7-Eleven

Walking Meditation in Maebashishioshima Park until 7pm

Walk 6km7-Eleven to Maebashishioshima Park

Walk 2kmFrom Maebashishioshima Park to 前橋ホテルルカ

  • Day Nine (Saturday April 24th *) Part 1:
    Walk 4km, From Hotel Ruruka To Luna Park (148km walked so far)

Pass by:

  1. Maebashi Childrens Park

Walk 4km from Hotel Ruruka to Luna Park

Walk 10km from Luna Park to Sky Terme Shibukawa

Walk 3km from Sky Terme Shibukawa to Hotel Tatsumi

(?) Possibly stop by Shibukawa Skyland Park via https://goo.gl/maps/yEppuH7sbBVKts1m8

Walk ~8kmfrom Hotel Tatsumi to Kaneshimaonsen Fuki Hot Spring

Will turn left at Planet Restroom and Restaurant Planet (closed)

Walk 10km from Kaneshimaonsen Fuki Hot Spring to Midorinomura Camp Ground

Will likely visit 上州たかやま 田んぼアート (field art) for photos!

Walk 5kmfrom Midorinomura Camping Ground to Kodaira Meat Shop

Walk 2km From Kodaira Meat Shop to 赤根峠 ポケットパーク

Including through a tunnel with a narrow sidewalk..

Will pass Meigetsu Orchards

Walk 5km 赤根峠 ポケットパーク to Ramen restaurant via Meigetsu Orchards

Will pass 7-Eleven Minakami Fuse Shop

Walk 7km From Ramen restaurant to Yumotokan via 7-Eleven Minakami Fuse Shop

Oh nooo the Bungy jump location seems to be closed April 27th!!

Walk 04km to bungee jump

Walk 06km from bungee jump to Sports Inn Fujiya

Will use:

Will not use:

Notice the tunnels on Highway 17 (Mikuni Highway), south of Obansanja Shrine. Along 17, I will take a trail starting here, hike around the tunnels, past Obansanja Shrine, and finish the trail here.

You may notice there is another tunnel looking thing, but it has a sidewalk next to it.

Walk 14kmfrom Sports Inn Fujiyato Family House Akashiya

Walk 03km to dragondola

Walk 07km from Dragondola to Lodge Montoze

There is a tunnel on Highway 17 just north of Lodge Montoze, through which I cannot safely walk because there are no sidewalks.
One of my skiing friends said there will likely be very few skiers by this date, so I can likely use the ski slopes to the west of the tunnel, possibly using Tashiro Ropeway. I prefer walking if possible, but we shall see exactly what is possible!

Walk 06kmfrom Lodge Montozeto Kagura White Horse Inn

Walk 07km from Kagura White Horse Inn to echigo yuzawa Hirokawa

Walk 18kmfrom Hirokawa Hotelto 龍氣別館(六日町温泉 ビジネスホテル・日帰り温泉)

Walk 20km from 龍氣別館(六日町温泉 ビジネスホテル・日帰り温泉) to Sudaya Inn

Walk 19km from Sudaya Inn to Shinanogawa Kasen Park

Walk 13km from Shinanogawa Kasen Park to 旅館 竹花屋

Walk 15km from 旅館 竹花屋 to Mitsuke English Garden

Walk 14km from Mitsuke English Garden to APA Hotel Tsubamesanjo Ekimae

Walk 16kmfrom APA Hotel Tsubamesanjo Ekimaeto ゲストハウス ぐーぐー

54 walk 17 km from staircase to Aoyama Seaside Park

54 walk 9km from staircase to Aoyama Seaside Park

(*) Note: dates are subject to change! For the latest info, PM me on LINE.

07 Apr 2021, 05:41

Mankind Project interviewed me on FB live

2021 apr 10 brandon clift interviewed rob nugen before niigata walk

(Mankind Project interviewed me on Facebook live)

06 Apr 2021, 21:35

Third Interview by Michael Shell

Part 4 coming early next week!