14 Jan 2021, 16:35

Weekly Alignment - you are enough

Weekly Alignments 7pm Thursdays JST

Tonight we dove deep into the ways that you are enough, breaking free from confusing affirmations, to opening up a flow of inate qualities through simple questions like “in what ways am I enough?” “what parts of me are enough?”

For today's program, more grounded focus as a starting point as
always, and then building the base to find who you need to be in
order to do the things you want to do.

Do you still have the list from last last time? okay excellent.

I like to have this as a continuing unfolding uh as we as we go

So with your list available, take a moment to just relax.

Notice your breathing and allow your consciousness to settle into
your body.

When you feel yourself completely settled and in a clear space,
allow yourself to open your eyes and just look on the list.

Find one item that draws your attention.

One of your long-term goals or projects that you have in mind.

And we focused on imagining a future version of ourselves who has
already completed a goal, and it may be the same one, maybe a
different one that you choose today.

But given that the goal is already completed in a future version
of your reality, feel the energy that is in you already that will
help you achieve this goal.

Breathe into those parts of yourself that support you within this
process of achieving your goal.

These are the things that come naturally for you.

These may be things that other people admire in you.

They may be your super powers that we looked at in one of the
first calls.

Notice the things that you already possess that will support you
in achieving this goal.

And as you have these qualities coming to mind, maybe you can
create a mind map with your goal written in the center, and the
qualities outside which will branch out into different to do lists
that help support the achieving of this goal.

So writing on a new page, "I am enough" in the center...

Allow this phrase to roll through your mind a few times "I am
enough, I am enough," and it may begin to sound inauthentic "I am
enough, " and it's like what's going on?

So then we adjust the phrase a bit to be a question so the mind
can grab on to the answers here.

So rolling the question in your mind:

"What parts of me are enough?"

Allow your mind to grab into this question, to chew on this

"What parts of me are enough?"

Let yourself write those down freely without thinking.

Just run that question "what parts of me are enough?"  over and
over in your mind.

Let the answers begin to spill out.

To restart the cycle you may rephrase "in what ways am I enough?"

Look at those that come up from those questions in your mind,
recognizing the truth of each one.

Feeling in your heart the truth: this part of me is enough.

These are some ways I'm enough.

Allowing that knowing to sink into your body...  and allowing the
knowing of your body to percolate up into the mind.

For the next week, allow yourself to practice this exercise,
rolling in your mind the question

"in what ways am I enough" and just write those down.

Write down the words that come, and it could be the same words as
the previous day.

I'm sure new words will come as well.

You may be surprised at the words that come.

Your body knows it. Your heart knows it.  Allow your mind to know
it too:

You are enough.

You're absolutely enough.

Enjoy the discovery, finding the ways that you are blessed and the
ways that you bless the world around you.


See you next week.

My pleasure. Thank you.  Absolutely.

(The above transcript was extracted from our live interactive Weekly Alignment on Thursday night.)

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09 Jan 2021, 16:48

Meditation the perfect chair

take a moment to get yourself settled and feeling your feet flat on the floor and your body comfortably seated in your chair

just notice your breathing as it comes naturally and imagine you’re standing at a  doorway that goes into a building

and when you open the door  you see a staircase going down and as you look inside you  notice the air feels warm and has a nice fragrance

it smells very inviting and feels very calming

so you begin to walk into  the staircase stepping down each step

noticing the smooth curvature  of the wall of the staircase feeling the firm, clear, flat steps gently leading you down deeper and  deeper into a calm beautiful space

and as you move down, step by step you notice a deeper feeling of peace  coming into your body with each step

continuing to move down the stairs one by one you notice the light becoming dimmer and yet still clear enough  you can see you are safe

until it’s a nice smooth ambient light, you’re not sure where it’s coming from.

Continuing to move down the stairs one by one you notice your breathing has become clear and smooth and soft as you feel  completely comfortable in this space

after a while you notice a little bit more  light coming down from below

and as you continue curving slowly down the steps you see the  last step before it opens into a room and step down the last five, four,  third, second and the final step

step into this room where the light is lighter and yet diffuse  so you cannot see where it’s coming from looking around the room you  see it’s completely secure completely safe

and you see a very comfortable chair it looks like a beautiful ornate antique chair that’s been refurbished and made  beautiful and waiting just for you

you love the colors; love the pattern and you decide to have a seat in what could only be your chair  that’s just perfect for you

you go up to the chair feel the surface feel smooth and comfortable soft and firm just what you’d want in a chair

so you take a minute to look at the  chair and just admire its ornate beauty the fine craftsmanship that went into making this chair

once you’ve admired the  chair walking all the way around it   feeling all of its surfaces

let  yourself settle down into the chair feeling how it completely and  perfectly supports you your body

perfectly custom fit for you

the arms are at the exact right height

the seat is at the perfect height and softness

the back of the chair perfectly  supports your back and your spine and the head rest is amazing

just allows you to sink back fully supported fully comforted by this perfect  head rest on this perfect chair

you just enjoy sitting in this  perfect chair designed for you

feel yourself perfectly supported and perfectly  safe enjoying this beautiful room beautiful light wonderful fragrance with a deep quiet stillness

allow yourself to relax in  this chair as long as you like

recognizing you feel more and more refreshed more and more supported and more and more calm simply being in this space in this chair

once you feel completely refreshed completely supported completely calm

you recognize it’s time to begin moving again so you begin to stand up

you feel yourself easily able to stand up from this perfect chair you turn around thank the chair for its safety, support, and comfort

and you notice very small circle on  the side of the wall opposite the chair

walking over to it you recognize it’s a button and feeling safe and calm and  secure you press the button and the wall opens up and you  recognize it’s an elevator

you step inside the elevator and it indicates  you’re on the ground floor the very bottom and there’s one button to  go back up to the surface

So you press that button and the doors close gently and you’re smoothly quickly brought all the way back up to the surface noticing the light getting brighter and beautiful sunlight

As you step outside to enjoy the rest of your day feeling refreshed feeling supported feeling calm happy that you found your perfect chair that you can go back to anytime.

You begin to enjoy the rest of your day

07 Jan 2021, 21:40

Training after training

2021 is starting well, especially so if I allow my brain to chill out and just flow with my heart.

I recently finished a short course on The Inspiration Process, which helps clients get in touch with their real higher power.

I feel grateful to have received a beautiful email from one of my fellow participants in the course:

2020 dec 30 bob mayhew testimonial

This evening I attended Dive Into Darkness, a workshop about the basics of emotions:

  • Emotions are energy in motion
  • Emotions rot if not dealt with
  • no emotions are “bad”
  • Emotions have messages for us

Plus several pair work exercises to allow deep exploration of our emotions.

Dang, I could have led this workshop, except I didn’t.

The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose
face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly;
who errs, who comes short again and again.

- Theodore Roosevelt

Why do I keep attending training after training instead of saying “hey I can do this stuff!”

Part of the problem for me is knowing how to explain what I do. “I help people dive into their emotions and uncover the gold that’s been buried.” Yes, but it seems no one knows what that means.

“Take control of your life.” “Become the leader you were meant to be.”

Closer maybe, but too generic.. How do I find my language?

Hmm. I will just keep walking the path; keep following my joy.

Thank you for reading my rant.

By the way, if you want to take control of your life, and become the leader you were meant to be, contact me. I can help with that. ;-)

blessings - Rob

07 Jan 2021, 16:35

Weekly Alignment - receive insight from your future self

Weekly Alignments 7pm Thursdays JST

Do you have plans, but not sure how to get started? Ask someone who has done it: your future self!

As you live in a holographic universe, your consciousness can tap into any point in time or space.

Use that to your advantage with the meditation below.

As we get started, just noticing how you're feeling in this moment,
just a casual check in about the transition you've experienced from,
uh, last year into this year, what goals or ideas you have within the
new year that we're starting now?

Recognizing all of those things that you mentioned and recognizing the
options that we have going forward in this year, allow yourself to
just recognize this present moment... and allow the idea of
possibilities in 2021 to come into your mind. Just take a few minutes
to write down the possibilities and the new year as you see them in
this moment.

So choose one of the items on your list, and you may want to do this
process for each different one.

Imagine the future version of you having completed this item, taking a
moment to really settle into the vision of yourself successfully
completing this item or completing this project, recognizing where you
are located. Noticing the people around you and feeling in your body,
how it feels to have completed this very important goal. Allow
yourself to see the version of yourself who has successfully completed
this task, completed this goal. Take a minute to sit down with that
future version of yourself, asking your future self for any insights
or ideas on just how they were able to accomplish this.

Make note of the replies that come.

Really allow yourself to connect with that part of you who has
finished this project.

Maybe asking what obstacles came up and how were you able to get
around them?

What type of regular cadence did you get into to finish this project?

What support did you have from people around you and the universe at

What did you do to receive that support?

What things surprised you during the completion of this project

And thanking your future self for the answers so far, ask if there's
anything else that you should know about this project.

Again, thanking your future self for the time and for completing the
project successfully, allow them to go back into the future and allow
yourself to come back into this present moment.

I'm curious what insight you received from your future self.

Letting yourself tap into that resource at any time, with gratitude,
visualizing the positive outcome and tapping into that version of the

Recognizing that as we are all one, there is only the now.

You can tap into any different version of the universe and move
yourself that direction with your intention and your focus, with your
belief and your trust.

And you're allowing the ultimate creative force in the universe to
move through you as you are creating your life in each and every

Expressing gratitude to those parts of yourself and to that ultimate
creative force, creative energy.

And I bless you in your adventure. Absolutely.

So, yeah, that's the, the beauty of this moment. We can tap into any,
any part of the holographic universe in the moment.

My pleasure, absolutely.

Good to see you tonight. And I look forward to seeing you next week
and we'll continue the the show..

I'll be downloading more channeled info, channeled content, each week
as we do this. So I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Join us for Weekly Alignments online Thursday nights 7pm JST.

06 Jan 2021, 08:08

Introducing /events on robnugen.com

Thanks to my friend Hide for not being on Facebook when I wanted to invite him to my walking event. That was the proverbial push that got me to create an /events listing.

For about a month it has not been linked from my top page because the events publish dates were shown, in stark contrast to the event date. Here is an example of that. Notice how the publish date at the top of the event differs from the event date within the event.

https://5fe490b67b688d0008f7c403--www-robnugen-com.netlify.app/events/ (screenshot of date conflicts)

I added the event dates to each event entry and showed the event dates instead of the publish dates. Here might be a version of the site in that state. Notice how the Walking Meditation is happening after Your Art Matters, but it shows up first.

https://5feff4c06fac18000796a157--www-robnugen-com.netlify.app/events/ (screenshot of events out of order)

And then I got the indexing to work the way I want for now. Upcoming events are shown at top, starting with the one coming first, then Past events are shown in summary below that, starting with the most recent.

https://5ff566470ba77500076609e2--www-robnugen-com.netlify.app/events/ (screenshot of Upcoming events) (screenshot of Past events)

I got Hugo to show future events like this


04 Jan 2021, 21:24

Bold Life Brotherhood - CALLINGS i

Great conversation tonight on the variety of things which inspire us and bring joy to life. Some of our callings are large projects while some are simple and can be done on a regular basis.

What lights you up? What brings joy into your life?

27 Dec 2020, 08:02

Digging into my own emotional blocks

A couple months ago, I started attending Dmitri Bilgere’s course The Inspiration Process.

A few days ago I got to be the model being processed. Even though I “know” the steps of the process from taking the course, I had some great insights and felt inspired after completing the work. Coming out the other side, I had great realization of who I am and who I want to be in my life. This recording shows how effective The Inspiration Process can be. I hope you enjoy it. I certainly did!

This audio is Copyright©Clarity Communications 2020

24 Dec 2020, 15:37

Weekly Alignment - Releasing old energy

Tonight we celebrated our experiences from 2020 and released old energies that no longer serve us.

Breathe for a moment.

Taking nice deep breaths fully into your body.

Yeah. Breathing fully in, and just let it out.

Once more fully in, and out.

Allowing the shoulders to relax; [allow] any concerns for the day
to just drop away.

This is our last weekly alignment of 2020, and an opportunity to
reflect on the year and prepare ourselves mentally and
psychologically for the new year, 2021.

And in part of that process, I want to allow time to release any
ideas that no longer serve us; release any responsibilities that
no longer serve us.

So taking a moment to look in your mind, noticing your body,
noticing your daily life.

What are some things that no longer serve you, that you can
release as we finish this year?

You can take a moment to write them down or say them out loud,
just off the top of your head. What do you notice?

So, yeah, it was beautiful. And thanks for going deep on that.

Recognizing there may be more things to release, think about the
agreements that you've made with other people.

Are there any agreements that you have made, which no longer serve you?

And just allow this idea to come lightly in your mind, recognizing
there may be some old agreements that you made and they may no
longer serve you.

Yeah. Thank you. Thank you for exploring that as well.

And now taking a moment to notice any ideas that you project onto
other people that they may be expecting of you.

Whether or not it was a formal agreement, there may be an idea
that people are expecting things of you.

So of these, are there any that you want to release?

So that was the list of what you believe others expect of you.

And there may be some overlap, but take a moment breathing for a
moment. What are some things that you expect of yourself that no
longer serve you?

Writing down the expectations you have of yourself that may no
longer serve you.

For these, there may be a renegotiation or some type of adjustment
to the agreement with yourself or the expectation of yourself.

As you are looking at the list of the ones that you have given to
yourself, remember what was the original reason that you created
this expectation of yourself?

And maybe that will help inform a way that it can be adjusted to
serve you better.

And you don't have to have a final decision right now, but this is
just noticing the things that have kind of collected in life.

This is a chance to look at the things, to get them out. And
during the next two week period is to churn them over and simply
listing them out now is not the final answer.

But if there are some that are clearly no longer serving you, this
would be a time to say "Okay. That one's done."

So, yeah, please do take that time during the next two weeks until
we meet again.

Inventory processes can take some time, so an invitation to give
yourself that time.

Take a moment to breathe again, getting present with your list,
present with your body. And we'll do a little litmus test, a
little emotional check for these items.

Starting with one that attracts your attention, imagine continuing
this topic or this agreement, this behavior in your life.

How does it feel as you imagine continuing? How does your body
feel as you imagine continuing this process?

And just recognize it lightly. We're not sinking too deep
now. Lightly noticing how it feels then releasing that feeling for
a moment.

Imagine letting go of this belief or this agreement.

How does it feel as you imagine letting go?

And again, very lightly: these are not hard and fast decisions
that we're making. Simply noticing how the body feels with the

And as you have time during the holiday era, as we're
transitioning to a new year, just looking at each of these things
with your feeling body.

Allow yourself to go through the list, engaging your feeling body.

Feeling the idea of continuing and feeling the idea of releasing.

Feeling the idea of adjusting these expectations, giving yourself
time to process each one.

Thank you for taking time to process with me, too.

17 Dec 2020, 16:57

Weekly Alignment - Listening to our Self in realtime

Weekly Alignments 7pm Thursdays JST

In our Weekly Alignment last night, we we practiced listening to our Self, as opposed to our chattering monkey mind.

Listen below to the recording of the meditation portion of the session.

First draft of transcript by https://otter.ai

Take a moment to breathe, just releasing any tension in your body,
nice deep breath and just let it out, let you know the tension
drop off of your shoulders, allowing your body to breathe
itself. Welcome brother, checking in with your body in this
present moment, similar to the being present. Without future or
past. How did that go for you during the week. Yeah. Sounds like a
new adventure in a way like starting the clearing process. So you
can begin the year a new. Very nice. for the program
today. Listening to the mind chatter. And being able to
distinguish chatter that's coming directly from mind and ego
versus information, which could be words could be sensations could
be feelings that are coming from a higher place a spiritual
source, as it were, that has our best interests in mind, and a
grander viewpoint than what we have been here in the middle of
life on the planet, and within this time dimension in three
dimensions of space. How do you distinguish between mind chatter,
and inspiration, coming from spirit. Like in your mind receiving
inspiration from spirit or higher self versus the background mind
chatter of this more basic within the 3d realm as opposed to
having this higher perspective. So we're going to explore that
tonight. Practicing distinguishing between mind chatter, and
insight from the, from a higher source in higher space. So, just
taking a moment. If you want to have a notebook ready, this is a
good time to prepare that good teen present in your body. Allow
yourself to tune in to that ceiling that you described associated
with information coming from the higher self. The
excitement. Allow yourself to tune in. Very simply being
connected. Simply and clearly to this feeling may feel like
love. You may feel warm. He may feel excitement, just tuning in to
this sensation, recognizing that this connection is always
available at any given moment, with the intention of connecting to
your highest self. Use your mind or your voice with your intention
to connect only to your highest self in your best
interest. connected to your purpose in life. In this
moment. Welcoming your connection. Clearly and simply allow
yourself to have a bit of a dialog. Very simple. With the answers
coming, even as soon as you can pose the question, how do you
connect most clearly with your higher self. What type of
questions. Can you ask of your hire So when is your higher self
available for you. Well now we, the answers to come very clearly
and simply write down any answers that you hear, as it best serves
you. recognizing this connection in a very clear way, asking your
higher self how to distinguish between the higher self insights
and other ramblings of the mind. Feeling that love warm open
connection. Thank your higher self, your own cell for creating the
connection. And we'll practice, keeping the connection open while
speaking with each other in keeping the connection open while
writing in your notebook. Take a moment to write in your notebook
any insights you received. Welcome to share with me as you
wish. For me, my higher self always uses positive language. So,
for me if I hear something like, do not do this. That's for me
that's not from my higher self, the phrasing is always
positive. Loving patient calm. These are words that I've used to
describe my, the sensations I get connected to higher so while I
was leading the meditation, I. It was my intention to just bring
it all down from from higher self so I don't remember all the
questions that I asked in that meditation, but I think there's at
least one or two more that were there. Did you notice any other
insights that came during the meditation. The mind is well versed
and offering things to think about. So, allowing awareness, step
back from the mind while it's busy chattering. Okay. Gavin Watson
notice that the mind is there, busily trying to keep control,
maybe a way to describe it. So yeah. The next thing I had planned
is very related to that and related related to last week, or maybe
two weeks ago, where we allowed the mind chatter to go down down
down into the worst possible scenario. And having done that
exercise already. Last week, we don't need to do the exercise,
again, but just notice what it felt like doing that, you can do a
very abbreviated version of that exercise, what might happen, and
noticing the downsides. But more importantly, noticing how it
feels when these types of thoughts are coming up for you. Notice
if there is a difference in your posture. Notice the difference in
your energy in your body. Is there a difference in the tension. Is
there a difference in how quickly your mind is moving. Simply
notice how it feels. For the mind to take over and go down the
rabbit hole. And now practice, releasing the mind coming back up,
as it were, into the feeling connected to your higher
self. Welcome in your focus your hero awareness back into your
higher self. Notice the difference in the texture of the
feeling. Notice the posture of your body. Notice the speed with
which your mind is moving. Notice the space between your
consciousness, and your mind. As your consciousness is more fully
present and aware with your higher self. And just as practice is
an exercise. Allow your consciousness to move back to your
mind. Connecting to one of the thoughts. Connecting to one of the
thoughts and just allow your consciousness to lock on to the
thought noticing how it feels. As your consciousness is locked
into a thought. Is there a difference this time. After being
connected to your higher self versus a previous time where maybe
you've been lost in thoughts all day. One type of indication, can
you notice that to become lost in thought. How can you remind
yourself to reconnect to your higher self. From inside this
state. Practice noticing yourself lost in thought, and use that to
bring yourself back into awareness of your higher self. No to
seeing your body, noticing your breathing reconnecting to the
space. The silence, in which your higher self rests. Notice this
way of noticing. When you've become lost in thought. So you can
more easily recognize in your day to day activities. Maybe setting
an intention for yourself. To quickly notice when you've become
lost in thought, allowing yourself to keep connection to your
higher self consciously. This will be our playful exercise, size,
during the week. Practicing staying connected to higher
self. Recognizing it's a process. The higher self is slowly
welcoming and accepting giving yourself time to practice this new
way of being. Thank you for practicing with me now.

12 Dec 2020, 14:27

Great walking meditation today Dec 12th at 12 noon

So happy Akiko, Cyabo, and Yui joined Amaru and I in the walking meditation workshop today. Amaru has joined three times, and for Akiko, Cyabo, and Yui, it was their first time each.

Entering the park, we walked slowly under the beautifully yellow, orange, red, crimson leaves on trees near the 新宿門 entrance. Walking meditatively toward the spot we used the past two times I have done walking meditation, we took in the colors and took some pictures.

2020 dec 12 colorful leaves

I pointed out the nice soft grass and guided them to carefully try the rough surfaces of the asphalt sidewalks, including grates and round plates (manhole covers).

2020 dec 12 amaru akiko cyabu yui 1 2020 dec 12 amaru akiko cyabu yui 2

We did some freestyle meditative walking around the green tarp which held our stuff, and I tried crawling on the ground to get more contact with grass and earth. Amazingly, I found a bee(?) that was in its final stages of life, and held it in my hand for a while. Foolishly, I did not take a picture of it. Somehow I thought that would be irreverent, and now I wish I had the pic for my journal.

We ended up sitting in a group and I led some breathing meditation while feeling connected with the body and earth.

The wind started picking up a bit so we left our space around 1:30pm. Amaru headed home and I walked through the greenhouse with Akiko, Cyabu, and Yui.

2020 dec 12 curly green vines 2020 dec 12 curly red flowers