18 Oct 2020, 19:30

What's in a practice?

In order to simplify things, I am playing with the idea of my practice being what I practice. I walk barefoot everywhere.

How can this be a practice? Walking barefoot is a way to get in touch with your body. It’s a way to wake up some nerve endings that may not get much stimulus. Now that they are awake, it’s chance to pay attention to this moment.

“すごいいい!”  ”It feels good!”

These responses are especially common on beautifully manicured grass, and part of the reason I like to have walking meditation in Shinjuku Gyoen. Another reason is that the energy there feels super calm and relaxing.

All my sessions are about getting in touch with yourself and what is true for you. Whether through meditation, breathing, earthing, all roads lead to home in yourself.

Join us in Shinjuku Gyoen this coming Saturday October 24th!

Refresh your spirit. Touch the earth. Connect with nature.

Barefoot Walking Experience:

Meditation, walking meditation, relaxing in nature.


Shinjuku Gyoen

Covering 144 acres, Shinjuku Gyoen blends three distinct styles, Formal Garden, Landscape Garden, and Japanese Traditional Garden.


Saturday October 24th, noon - 2:30pm

Meet at Shinjuku Gate

12:00 noon Meet at Shinjuku Gate of Shinjuku Gyoen. https://goo.gl/maps/4c35vbQqopZMGhez9

Buy tickets (500 yen)

12:15: Enter Shinjuku Gyoen Shinjuku Gate

What to Expect:

  • We will find a nice place to relax and connect with nature.
  • I will guide us in meditation, including walking meditation.
  • Feel free to kick off your shoes; whatever makes you comfortable.

I plan for the weather to be nice, so let’s stay in the park until 14:30 and then decide what we want to do after that.


500 yen for Shinjuku park

What to bring

Come wearing lightweight shoes that you can carry just in case you need to put them on during the walk!

Self care is important, so wear shoes whenever you need to!

COVID-19 Infection Prevention Measures in the garden

To prevent the spread of corona virus infection in the garden, we ask all visitors to take the following measures.

  • If you have cold symptoms such as fever or cough, please refrain from visiting the garden.
  • Please wear a face mask and follow cough etiquette.
  • Please frequently wash your hands with soap and water and use hand sanitizers.
  • Please keep your distance ( about 2 meters ) from other visitors.
  • Please refrain from visiting with a large group of people.
  • To avoid congestion, please refrain from using large picnic blankets. (one side: larger than 2 meters ) .
  • To prevent heatstroke, please take a proper rest, drink plenty of water and sometimes remove your face mask while you are taking breaks.

Shinjuku Gyoen https://www.env.go.jp/garden/shinjukugyoen/english/

11 Oct 2020, 13:30

No one is paying attention

I have heard in TLBS many times: no one is paying attention.

From September 10th to October 10th, I diligently posted daily (*) videos on FB in which we connect to our heart focus on a daily basis.

(*) all but one of those days.

Today one of my friends said “I saw you posted videos on Facebook. What were they about?”

Haha fair enough!

05 Oct 2020, 07:58

Listening to the self or the ego?

I attended a workshop by Upbuild yesterday.

Even the most self-aware among us experience life largely through the
lens of our ego, which we define as an identity of who we think we
should be, rather than who we truly are. Our lives are characterized
by conscious or unconscious neediness where we put ourselves first and
employ all our unique, habitual strategies to make the world tell us
what we want it to tell us, even if it is often to the detriment of
ourselves and others.

The workshop leader, my friend Michael Sloyer, introduced two ways that we tend to enable our ego: Proving and Defending.

In what ways do you prove yourself to yourself or others? During the workshop, I characterized this proving as “showing off” (which in itself was an attempt to “prove” how smart I am!)

In what ways do you defend yourself to yourself or others? Continuing with the example above, I might defend myself by saying “well I just wanted to make sure I understand!” which could be “.. make sure I am right.”

Michael pointed out the ego can subtley slip in, proving or defending itself, and easily navigate between the two.

Instead of becoming ashamed or fighting the ego, which serves ultimately to inflate its power, Michael introduced the idea of simply noticing the ego, “there I go again.” This self awareness helps us move up toward a higher state of being, more connected to the Self.

04 Oct 2020, 07:01

Start your day the night before

Do you wake up groggy, checking your incoming mail and messages to get your day started?

My coach reminded me of this some months ago, and it has helped me have more productive and happier days.

Take a mindful moment in the evening, quietly reviewing the day and going over the plan vs the reality of the day. What went well? What could be done differently?

Recognizing these insights, look at your schedule for tomorrow and make a plan tonight for how you will move about your day.

By quietly listening to wisdom and intuition while planning my day the night before, I wake up the next morning excited to begin my day!

How do you wake up each morning?

03 Oct 2020, 11:03

Looking forward to walking meditation next Saturday

Connect to your feet as they connect with mother earth.

“Walk as if you are kissing the Earth with your feet.”
– Thich Nhat Hanh

This coming Saturday I will lead a walking meditation in Shinjuku Gyoen.

2020 mar 22 shinjuku gyoen meditation sakura lake house

Refresh your spirit. Touch the earth. Connect with nature.


Barefoot Walking Experience:

Meditation, walking meditation, relaxing in nature.


Shinjuku Gyoen, Shinjuku Gate



500 yen for Shinjuku park


Saturday October 10th, noon - 2:30pm

What to Expect:

  • Meet at Shinjuku Gate 12 noon.
  • 12:15: Enter Shinjuku Gyoen Shinjuku Gate
  • We will find a nice place to relax and connect with nature and trees.
  • I will guide us in meditation, including walking meditation.
  • Feel free to kick off your shoes; whatever makes you comfortable.

I plan for the weather to be nice, so let’s stay in the park until 14:30 and then decide what we want to do after that.

02 Oct 2020, 06:50

listen to the quiet inner voice

Do you ever find yourself wishing you had followed your intuition?

Last night I was up too late trying to “get things done”, many of which seemed important at the time.

As I headed to bed, I had a little tug in my mind to get my daily planner that I hadn’t filled in for a day or so.

“I’m too tired.. I’ll do it tomorrow,” I replied to that quiet voice to quiet it down even further.

I fell into bed and slept like a log. This morning, I woke up bleary-eyed at 6:10 and then suddenly “Ahh today is Friday! I have a call in 20 minutes! Ahhhh! I have to do my morning livestream now!”

All of this morning’s panic could have been smooth sailing had I listened to that little voice last night. Spend some quiet moments to mindfully plan your day. Prepare yourself for success!

01 Oct 2020, 09:28


I have decided to join Blogtober, during which I post a blog entry per day (even if they are short), inspired by Col on Thought Leaders Business School.

He talked about making decisions, and suggested some topics about which we could possibly make decisions:

What’s a decision you could make regarding…

  • information diet
  • work environment
  • smart phone use
  • list building
  • societal contributions
  • personal brand
  • approaches and meetings
  • friends and family
  • intellectual property development
  • environmental impact
  • self care

He talked about decisions as being the nexus between Conundrum and Action.

2020 oct 01 decision cycle

Looking over our lists of possible decisions points, we found some we could merge so that one decision could be made that positively affected two different topics.

For me, I found three I could merge:

  • work environment + personal brand => clean my room
  • societal contribution + environmental impact => walk more
  • idle click games + ip development => more pink sheets

2020 oct 01 decision topics

So with the first one in mind, I am going to offer some of my books to people and others on FB to whoever might want them.

07 Sep 2020, 21:59

Bold Life - Sovereignty I

Tonight was our first meeting in the month of looking at SOVEREIGNTY. We looked at ways we give way to our unconscious reactions and selected likely opportunities to make conscious choices that work better for us better in the long term.

For me, I talked about my unconscious-driven nit-picking of Lin buying things we don’t need. It’s her money and it’s not worth a fight to save money.

03 Aug 2020, 21:18

Bold Life Brotherhood - Intimacy 1

Tonight in our Bold Life Brotherhood meeting, we looked at ways to improve our connection with loved ones on one of many possible different ways of being intimate:

  • physically
  • sexually
  • emotionally
  • intellectually
  • spiritually
  • financially

Men in the circle chose bold actions to take in the next week, deepening at least one component of intimacy in one important relationship in their lives.

27 Jul 2020, 11:33

Design Your Day

I have been leading Design Your Day workshops each morning from 7:30am to 8am Japan time (UTC +09:00).

This coming Sunday August 2nd will be a special 1 hour version in which I will guide us in meditation to design our optimal outcome.

Maybe something like this meditation: