09 Jan 2019, 20:42

today workin
20:42 Wednesday 09 January 2019 JST

Today was a long day, starting with recording a first draft of a video for my first GoFundMe campaign, then two TY lessons, two MKP meetings, lunch with Tomoko, then an hour chillin with “a flower in each hand” behind the desk of the Sweets Party Attendants, having a non-lesson with them because they have nothing going on.

During this non-lesson, Tomoko showed me her “personal こたつ” which consisted of a heater under her desk and a blanket strategically arranged to drape down over her legs. I showed them the latest MT3 video clip, cut and glued 7th outer spiral support. M’s comment was (something like) 「思ったより短い」(but she translated it as “not as much progress as I expected”, so I know my adjective is wrong in Japanese). Tomoko said she would work on translating more of the website. I knew I was stretching it to invite her to (create a Github account, learn git and) do pull requests (but I tried anyway,) and when she saw the source code of a page she commented 「難しい!」 so I apologized and thanked her for anything she could do.

Then headed to JB where we practiced “Happy New Year” with kids lessons and played a variant of UNO targeting adjectives, animal names, body parts, and a couple semantic rules:

“I see a red nose; I play a red dog”

Then with the adults in my 8pm class things like “I see a reindeer with brown antlers; I play a tiger standing in front of brown trees” and culminating with Hide’s “I see an elephant standing on yellow sand and wearing a yellow ribbon; I play an elephant standing on yellow sand and wearing a yellow ribbon.”

Then with the adults in my 9pm class all calling in absent, I got to head home early. I am one station from Noborito now when the class would just be finishing.

21:56 Wednesday 09 January 2019 JST

And now I would be just a station or two from Noborito, but Lin and I are home. yay!