22 Apr 2022, 17:44

1502 Day 17 - Looking at Water Infrastructure


title: 'two water pipes just north of Yuzawa'
location: 'geo:36.94433,138.801;u=50.707000732421875'

Two giant water pipes begging for me to climb them..

2021 may 01 water pipes going up the mountain


title: 'not much building left'
location: 'geo:36.94071,138.80313;u=77.5999984741211'

Very little remains of this building but I can see stairs

2021 may 01 not much building remains


title: 'River branching off from train tracks'
location: 'geo:36.96734,138.80151;u=149.60000610351562'

Found a nice back alley path between the highway and railroad tracks and then looking out I see the river branching out from railroad tracks which looks pretty neat..

2021 may 01 train tracks and river in the foreground 2021 may 01 mountains and clouds in the background


title: 'swing set and manhole cover'
location: 'geo:36.97393,138.80286;u=5.0701398849487305'

2021 may 01 swing set made of scaffolding material 2021 may 01 long way around the manhole cover


title: 'Welcome to お'
location: 'geo:36.98341,138.80441;u=4.998470783233643'

Welcome to お

2021 may 01 manhole cover o


title: 'great Italian restaurant'
location: 'geo:37.02329,138.8359;u=16.59000015258789'

I was really happy to talk to the owner here at this restaurant because he was friendly with great smile.

2021 may 01 great italian restaurant

Day 17 was

To Muikamacchi Hutte