22 Apr 2022, 17:42

1501 Day 16 - Short Windy Day by NASPA Camp Garden


title: 'tents at Garden Log Center'
location: 'geo:36.92678,138.81002;u=87.6500015258789'

Lots of wind buffetting these tents and inflatable tent covers

2021 apr 30 tents and covers 2021 apr 30 tent and cover

This was at NASPA Camp Garden



title: 'Finished Day 16'

Day Sixteen was relatively short, and our last short walking day. This was the day I wore my SOGO shirt and ran across the side of a dam in a damn beautiful area.

The onsen at Hirokawa is large warm, and covered in cool tiles of varying sizes. Very nicely done!

Walk 07km from Kagura White Horse Inn to echigo yuzawa Hirokawa