22 Apr 2022, 18:19

1503 Day 18 - met Kousei Mountains


title: 'thank you Muikamacchi Hutte'
location: 'geo:37.07204,138.869;u=30.222999572753906'

Muiamacchi Hutte was a great place to stay last night and get in out of the rain. Nice clean rooms and great hot onsen.



title: 'found a nice little shrine'
location: 'geo:37.07655,138.87211;u=10.861404418945312'

Found a nice little shrine

2021 may 02 small shrine with big yard 2021 may 02 something about the hand washing station 2021 may 02 hand washing thing is off


title: 'flowers in Muikamachi'
location: 'geo:37.07783,138.87211;u=23.215999603271484'

2021 may 02 shy flower 2021 may 02 other flowers 2021 may 02 lillies maybe 2021 may 02 purple flowers


title: 'though it''s day 18 I will walk to Day Ten City.'
location: 'geo:37.07862,138.87208;u=30.513999938964844'

Shall I walk to the mountains or to Day Ten City

2021 may 02 mountains or day ten city


title: 'pylon with no bridge to carry'
location: 'geo:37.08489,138.87476;u=6.220832347869873'

Ready for a new highway

2021 may 02 pylon with no bridge to carry


title: 'I just received two cans of coffee'
location: 'geo:37.08882,138.87638;u=116.0999984741211'

A couple in a small black van pass me and then stopped reversed and greeted me when I approached.

They gave me two cans of coffee from the back of their van and apologize for offering so little. I couldn’t express enough how much it meant to me; they are actually the first people to stop and offer something along the way.

Super gratitude for their gift.


title: 'mountains seen from the side of highway 17'
location: 'geo:37.08829,138.87705;u=142.5'

Fortunately we didn’t really encounter any snow while walking through the mountains.

2021 may 02 snow covered mountains


title: 'hello red car driver from NASPA'
location: 'geo:37.0929,138.8735;u=1200'

Before I even had time to go down the hill from where I was able to take pictures of the Japanese Alps, I saw a red car approaching so jumped out of the way but then the driver stopped and was a hey it’s me from NASPA, and I’m like oh my God hi it’s so good to see you!

She asked about Jason and I explained that he went on ahead, needing to finish the walk by the 7th of May. So from here on we are both walking separately.

She wished me good luck and went on her way.

So interesting to have so many connections happening here on this stretch of highway!

By the way, the coordinates of this entry look much more likely to be correct than on the previous two or three entries.. at least this time they’re showing me next to a highway instead of in the middle of small roads through small fields.


title: 'Day Six City tunnel number 9'
location: 'geo:37.09335,138.87323;u=2500'

I guess I’m still in Day Six City

2021 may 02 day 6 city tunnel number 9 with mountains behind 2021 may 02 day 6 city tunnel number 9


title: 'a peek inside a sprayer'
location: 'geo:37.10143,138.8877;u=104.0999984741211'

Cool. I found a sprayer that is a little bit ripped up so I was able to look inside..

2021 may 02 peek inside a sprayer

The coordinates of this entry look to be off again because I’m actually right next to the highway..


title: 'cool framing of the mountains'
location: 'geo:37.13632,138.91056;u=62.98899841308594'

Walking next to a bullet train line which is the top of this picture of the mountains in the background..

2021 may 02 nice framing of the mountains


title: 'trees both protected and trapped'
location: 'geo:37.1362,138.91034;u=54.94599914550781'

These trees seem to be protected and trapped by a fence underneath the bullet train line.

2021 may 02 protected and trapped trees 2021 may 02 protected and trapped trees close 2021 may 02 protected and trapped trees far


title: 'add this to summary of yesterday day 18'

Just before walking under one of the snowsheds it started to hail a little bit as part of the precipitation. The hailstones were only a few millimeters across, but definitely not sleet because it wasn’t that cold.
I ate one of the hailstones and it was great. :-)

For several long barefoot segments, I was walking in the street which was much nicer than the adjacent sidewalk. I could see way down the street and move out of the way when cars came, which they rarely did because it was so rural.

image credit: IG @kousei_mountains

Just before Urasa Station, I interacted with two groups of people: two teenage Japanese boys who took pictures with me including @kousei_mountains on Instagram, and three people speaking English, but who didn’t seem interested in talking when I said hello and such. I felt a little sad because I haven’t gotten to speak much English (in person) during this trip.

Day 18 was

  • Day Eighteen (Monday May 3rd *) 1 part:
    Walk 20km, From Muikamacchi Hutte

To 須田屋旅館 Sudaya Inn (278km walked so far)