01 Oct 2020, 09:28


I have decided to join Blogtober, during which I post a blog entry per day (even if they are short), inspired by Col on Thought Leaders Business School.

He talked about making decisions, and suggested some topics about which we could possibly make decisions:

What’s a decision you could make regarding…

  • information diet
  • work environment
  • smart phone use
  • list building
  • societal contributions
  • personal brand
  • approaches and meetings
  • friends and family
  • intellectual property development
  • environmental impact
  • self care

He talked about decisions as being the nexus between Conundrum and Action.

2020 oct 01 decision cycle

Looking over our lists of possible decisions points, we found some we could merge so that one decision could be made that positively affected two different topics.

For me, I found three I could merge:

  • work environment + personal brand => clean my room
  • societal contribution + environmental impact => walk more
  • idle click games + ip development => more pink sheets

2020 oct 01 decision topics

So with the first one in mind, I am going to offer some of my books to people and others on FB to whoever might want them.