30 Sep 2020, 05:29


The whole area had gotten flooded and I went into an old abandoned museum to see if I could find anybody else. The museum was build into a small silo shape.

I stepped over some flooded area and into the museum, which was flooded inside. The first exhibit on the left had a sign looking for photographers who could photograph "whole headless proctodiles" which was strange enough to wake me up.

That was 1:40am. I looked at my clock and saw the time but was too tired to write my dream then.

While we were at a party there were several people that I did not know, and one guy took a picture of the participants with a film camera, knowing that his friend did not want to be photographed. his friend took the camera and opened it to destroy the film, and I was curious as to why he would destroy the film and other pictures and why his friend was willing to take the picture in the first place, presuming that he know what his friend's reaction would be, or at least knew how serious he was about not being photographed.

I went up to the friend to ask if he spoke English so I could talk to him about things and get to know him better. He replied yes he did understand English and I said I wanted to talk to him later.

Riding in a taxi, the driver did not stop for stop signs and just crossed intersections at very high speed, then drove across a tea intersection and up onto the grass and across a few more streets and then up a steep embankment.

There was a man scrambling up the hill ahead of us, seemingly trying to get away from the car, though the car was not chasing him *per se*.

At the top of the hill were some cats with kittens underneath some bushes, which reminded me about a previous dream where I saw a sign saying they wanted a photographer who could "photograph whole headless proctodiles"

The word reminded of procto- and crocodile together, which made sense because crocodiles haven't really changed in a long time. What language was it, and why+how was my dreaming brain making up interesting new words?