02 Feb 2017, 09:28

State of My Life Address

09:28 Thursday 02 February 2017 JST

  • I’ve staffed 3 NWTAs for Mankind Project. Most recent two were in Perth, in October 2016 and October 2015.
  • on 31 January, I presented Tokyo’s first Head Heart and Soul presentation, as suggested by John Gaughan in Perth last year.
  • 14 people in attendance and great supportive response
  • There are 6 men in the Toyo I-group, including 3 men who have not yet attended NWTA.
  • I expect the group to expand to as many as 9 men in the next month or two.
  • I’d like to consider running circles on more nights, and possibly co-gender groups as well, to help introduce women in Tokyo to Woman Within
  • I’ve been invited to attend monthly I-group Council meetings, as the representative for Tokyo I-groups.
  • Today is the first week I used Noisy to wake up for my Thursday morning lesson.
  • I haven’t (yet?) made an entry for Noisy in “Items” category of my wiki
  • I’ve nearly finished my cage to keep Jennie off my desk which will soon have my marble track under construction.
  • I plan to do a stop-action animation so it will look like little pipe-cleaner people made the track.
  • I also plan to livestream the building of the track, which will take ages.