02 Feb 2017, 09:18

right now

09:18 Thursday 02 February 2017 JST

I’m headed home on the Nambu Line because I forgot to bring my books with me for my afternoon lessons. I have as many as 6 30 minute lessons over a 3 hour period, and I like to have my notebook to take notes. But realistically, I can just write notes on separate paper and transcribe it to the notebook later. Part of me wants to look prepared (more than “yeah I forgot my notebook again”).

Benefits of going home:

  • solid internet connection to join online I-group
  • save money on lunch
  • get to see my babychan (if she’s home)
  • nice and warm on the train instead of freezing my ass off outside
  • get a bit more exercise walking from our station to the house (and back again)
  • getting a chance to write in my journal on the way home (and the way back out, presumably)

Downsides of going home:

  • might be late for I-group or 2pm lesson if train is delayed
  • spend money on train (but not as much as on lunch)
  • it’s a little moe joe to go back and forth