Weekly Alignment - Who You Are is Why You Are Here

7pm ~ 8:30pm Thursday 01 April 2021

Weekly Alignments 7pm Thursdays JST


7pm ~ 8:30pm Thursday 01 April 2021


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This is not a case of “who is more enlightened.” Use this opportunity to lighten the load a little.

Who you are is who you are meant to be.

Who you are is why you are here.

Continue the discovery, tonight, April 1st. No foolin'!

(image credit: https://unusualplaces.tumblr.com/post/96770824563/the-most-famous-tree-in-hawaii)

About Weekly Alignments

Weekly Alignments offer tools to get you present with your Self in the now.

At the end of each weekly session, I do a live facilitation to help someone get clarity about or even overcome an issue in their life.

Weekly Alignments include a lot of channeled material coming from Source as I receive it in realtime, depending on questions and comments from the attendees present.