Your Art Matters - show your artwork online

1pm - 3pm Saturday 16 January 2021

Your Art Matters 16 January 2021


1pm - 3pm JST Saturday 16 January 2021


Zoom (RSVP)


(Welcome to 2021! Art discussion in English)

Do you want a chance to show your work and talk about it in a casual, friendly, and supportive environment?

Do you want encouragement from fellow artists to push your creativity further?

This discussion group is to inspire and encourage people to engage our everyday beauty in our ordinary life to keep exercising our creativity and healthy mind.

It is not a professional art discussion. Beginners are welcome.

It is not about competition. We explore our inner artists. We are all hidden artists who work at offices during the week.

Let your imagination run free on the weekends and meet your essence: to create and be creative.

We share and discuss our paintings, drawings, illustration or any art form made from multiple media (hand-carryable size).

Bring your art for show and tell!