24 Dec 2020, 15:37

Weekly Alignment - Releasing old energy

Tonight we celebrated our experiences from 2020 and released old energies that no longer serve us.

Breathe for a moment.

Taking nice deep breaths fully into your body.

Yeah. Breathing fully in, and just let it out.

Once more fully in, and out.

Allowing the shoulders to relax; [allow] any concerns for the day
to just drop away.

This is our last weekly alignment of 2020, and an opportunity to
reflect on the year and prepare ourselves mentally and
psychologically for the new year, 2021.

And in part of that process, I want to allow time to release any
ideas that no longer serve us; release any responsibilities that
no longer serve us.

So taking a moment to look in your mind, noticing your body,
noticing your daily life.

What are some things that no longer serve you, that you can
release as we finish this year?

You can take a moment to write them down or say them out loud,
just off the top of your head. What do you notice?

So, yeah, it was beautiful. And thanks for going deep on that.

Recognizing there may be more things to release, think about the
agreements that you've made with other people.

Are there any agreements that you have made, which no longer serve you?

And just allow this idea to come lightly in your mind, recognizing
there may be some old agreements that you made and they may no
longer serve you.

Yeah. Thank you. Thank you for exploring that as well.

And now taking a moment to notice any ideas that you project onto
other people that they may be expecting of you.

Whether or not it was a formal agreement, there may be an idea
that people are expecting things of you.

So of these, are there any that you want to release?

So that was the list of what you believe others expect of you.

And there may be some overlap, but take a moment breathing for a
moment. What are some things that you expect of yourself that no
longer serve you?

Writing down the expectations you have of yourself that may no
longer serve you.

For these, there may be a renegotiation or some type of adjustment
to the agreement with yourself or the expectation of yourself.

As you are looking at the list of the ones that you have given to
yourself, remember what was the original reason that you created
this expectation of yourself?

And maybe that will help inform a way that it can be adjusted to
serve you better.

And you don't have to have a final decision right now, but this is
just noticing the things that have kind of collected in life.

This is a chance to look at the things, to get them out. And
during the next two week period is to churn them over and simply
listing them out now is not the final answer.

But if there are some that are clearly no longer serving you, this
would be a time to say "Okay. That one's done."

So, yeah, please do take that time during the next two weeks until
we meet again.

Inventory processes can take some time, so an invitation to give
yourself that time.

Take a moment to breathe again, getting present with your list,
present with your body. And we'll do a little litmus test, a
little emotional check for these items.

Starting with one that attracts your attention, imagine continuing
this topic or this agreement, this behavior in your life.

How does it feel as you imagine continuing? How does your body
feel as you imagine continuing this process?

And just recognize it lightly. We're not sinking too deep
now. Lightly noticing how it feels then releasing that feeling for
a moment.

Imagine letting go of this belief or this agreement.

How does it feel as you imagine letting go?

And again, very lightly: these are not hard and fast decisions
that we're making. Simply noticing how the body feels with the

And as you have time during the holiday era, as we're
transitioning to a new year, just looking at each of these things
with your feeling body.

Allow yourself to go through the list, engaging your feeling body.

Feeling the idea of continuing and feeling the idea of releasing.

Feeling the idea of adjusting these expectations, giving yourself
time to process each one.

Thank you for taking time to process with me, too.