Connection Circle: For Conscious Men & Women

gathering time 6:30pm Friday 29 March 2024

Rob and Jess in Balinese ceremony outfits

Join us for a special evening as we flow with the divine feminine and masculine in a ceremonial circle for men and women. Enjoy coming together into unity, peace, love, conscious communication, creative expression and connection.

What’s Involved?

Communal Vegan GF Dinner 6:30pm-7pm:

Be welcomed in an intimate space as you cleanse away from your day. Receive energetic cleansing with sage and angelic auric spray. Enjoy a nourishing gluten-free vegan dinner: organic herbal tea and sensual treats infused with high frequencies to nourish your temple and tantalise your senses with like-minded souls.

Heart-Opening Sacred Shares 7pm-7:30pm:

Be led and guided by Jess X Goh, trauma coach in childhood abuse, and Rob Nugen, connection coach for men. Share your truth and be witnessed in a welcoming space where healthy boundaries and connection exercises are consciously communicated. Enjoy the elements of the earth, fire, water and air.

Conscious Connection 7:30pm-8:15pm:

Be illuminated with insights via journaling around the topic to bring yourself clarity how to navigate this topic moving forward. Connect in pairs then group sharing with fluid and fun activities to move out of the mind and into the present moment, back into the heart and body.

Emotional & Energetic Release 8:15pm-9pm:

Join Rob and Jess in a group healing session designed to help you navigate through traumatic blockages and patterns of the wounded feminine and masculine. The session aims to bring you back into energetic alignment, helping you to move past traumatic patterns.

* Meditation: Rob will guide you through a meditation with his loving heart and hands-on Reiki touch.
* Light Language Transmission: Jess will share her light language transmission to help you start moving through traumatic blockages.
* Energetic Clearing: Receive pressure point touch, hear and feel vibrations including tuning fork, Tibetan chimes, and singing bowls
  to shift and clear energetic interferences.

Closing Circle 9pm-9:30pm:

Integrate your experience with sacred shares and Q&A, personalised card reading to move forward with the divine feminine and masculine and connect with yourself by journaling or socialize with others in the space with light refreshments provided.

​​​​​​​🤝 Connection Circle: For Conscious Men & Women 🤝

Date: Friday 29th March 2024
Time: 6:30pm-9:30pm
Where: 23 Blair St, Bondi Beach
Ticket: AUD $111 Book your spot at

This ceremonial gathering is capped at 6 conscious souls (Just 4 spots remain!) who are up for an intimate evening of loving connection and divine union.

What To Bring?

  • Pen and journal
  • Cushion and blanket
  • A sacred item that represents the masculine and feminine
  • Your lovely self!

Please be mindful to arrive on time as doors will close at 7pm. Tickets are non-refundable but can be transferred to another who would greatly appreciate this experience.

About Your Facilitators

Jess X Goh helps burnt out, heart-centered professionals to overcome the impacts of childhood abuse. She facilitates this by releasing anger and grief to reduce their anxiety (drug-free). What has led Jess to her spiritual path is to make peace with her traumatic past of domestic violence, sexual abuse and toxic family dynamics. She has manifested her soulmate and business partner and successfully rebuilt her relationship with her dysfunctional mother and estranged brother. Jess runs Life In Confidence, an international trauma recovery practice for over 8 years serving 1000+ high achievers in her workshops and private programs.


Rob Nugen helps ambitious men to discover their gold on a journey into the divine masculine. He guides men who feel overwhelmed by their past and the patriarchal way of being to break away from their inner demons of self-defeat and shame through transformative shadow work, space holding and circle work. Rob is a TedX speaker, barefoot walker for over 20 years, trained and run men circles by ManKind Project since 2015 and made the most powerful decision to release himself from a dysfunctional 12 year marriage to be with his dream woman who matches his values and offers the love he deserves.


Rob Nugen
Connection Coach For Men