11 Dec 2020, 15:38


👣 Grounding Practices 👣

  • Nature Walks & Education

    1. Barefoot Walk and Talk events
    2. Self Improvement practices
    3. Barefoot Walking
  • Guided Meditation

    1. Customized each time
    2. Self Development
    3. Channeled insights

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👂 Confidential Listening 👂

Get customized private confidential listening from the heart. In our sessions, express yourself freely to release stress and find your inner calm. Customized meditation sessions help you remember who you are. Receive a recording of our sessions so you can listen again anytime.

Learn how to communicate even while experiencing emotional energy. This allows you to improve relationships with your partner and others.

Let go of past problems to give yourself the freedom to recreate yourself each day.

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  • Personal Mission Discovery
  • Goal Setting
  • Self Improvement Practices
  • Expressing Emotions Safely
  • Self Care
  • Self Development