Cuddle Party event in Tokyo

gather at 12:30; event starts promptly at 13:00 Saturday 11 March 2023

In 2003, after being in Japan for 3 months, I was crying for a hug. I felt incredibly isolated. As far as I could tell, the only social life was drinking, which doesn’t appeal to me.

Over time, I slowly found my way to meet people who I could talk to; got a girlfriend and satisfied my need for physical touch through sex.

Can’t we get physical touch in Japan without sex?

A decade ago, I married Lin and started to build up a men’s group where I could get weekly hugs; suddenly a pandemic was announced and the men’s group moved online.

Three years later, instead of starting a new men’s group in person, I decided to focus on a format where I can offer more space for hugs so I enrolled in Cuddle Party’s training program.

Cuddle Party is an organization in the US, facilitating events where people come together to connect in non-sexual touch and connection.

cuddle party seated circle

Cuddle Party events emphasize consent and participants are encouraged to communicate their boundaries clearly.

The practice of consensual touch can be beneficial in reducing stress, increasing oxytocin levels, and promoting feelings of safety and trust.

cuddle party hands

Cuddle Party offers a way to explore intimacy and connection in a safe and consensual way. It is also seen as a way to combat loneliness and social isolation, and to promote a sense of community and belonging.

Adults of all ages and backgrounds are welcome to attend Cuddle Party events, and no previous experience is necessary.

Cuddle Party? say What???

Though it’s named for cuddles, one doesn’t have to cuddle at a cuddle party.

We start with an hour long Welcome Circle.

From the Cuddle Party website:

The Welcome Circle creates a structure and safe space for
socializing, and helps break the ice so that a group of strangers
can feel more comfortable with each other. At the Welcome Circle,
you and other Cuddle Party participants will:

- Introduce yourselves
- Learn about the Cuddle Party philosophy
- Get oriented to the Cuddle Party rules
- Practice the Cuddle Party communication skills
- Be led through a few ice-breaker exercises

By the end of the Welcome Circle, most participants find
themselves surprised by how comfortable they feel.

cuddle party spooning


Saturday 11 March 2023, early afternoon, for 3-4 hours


Shibuya-ish area, details upon registration


5000 yen

Apply to attend:

If you’re interested in attending, DM me.

If this will be the first time for us to meet, please register at

cuddle party circle