Enjoy barefoot walking with lovely ShinYuri community

gather at 13:30; enter Shin Yuri Art Park at 14:00 Thursday 16 December 2021

2021 nov 11 shin yuri art park group

Refresh your spirit. Touch the earth. Connect with nature. Connect with friends.

Barefoot Walking Experience at Shinyuri Art Parks

Barefoot walking, breathing, enjoying fresh air and a lovely grassy field.

Every Third Thursday of the month

First Meeting Point

Thursday 16 December 2021, 13:30

Shin Yurigaoka between KFC, MUFG, and Dean and Deluca: 35°36'13.3"N 139°30'29.5"E https://w3w.co/locator.juggler.nail

Second Meeting Point

Thursday 16 December 2021, 14:00

Shinyuri Art Parks https://goo.gl/maps/QAhUddBiieDAZsQm6

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Enjoy Grass

Shinyuri Art Parks features an immaculate large grassy field.

Enjoy Breathing

Get away from it all by settling into your being and noticing the motions of your body, one breath and one step at a time.

Enjoy Community

Find like-minded others who enjoy walking barefoot!

What to Expect

  • The event is on, rain or shine.
  • We’ll walk from Shin Yurigaoka station starting 13:45
  • Feel free to join at Shinyuri Art Parks by 14:00.
  • Take off your shoes in the park; connect with mother earth!
  • Meet friends, enjoy chatting, connecting

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500 yen

What to bring

Whatever you need to take care of yourself. Come wearing lightweight shoes which you can take off at the grassy field.

Self care is important, so wear shoes whenever you need to!

Covid Considerations

You know the situation. I know you have thought about it and I trust you to make a good decision for yourself. If you want a group with masks, I recommend https://www.meetup.com/tokyospontaneous