11 Nov 2021, 18:44

A few rules that help light my path

A few rules that help light my path:

  • Walk with kindred spirits. I walk barefoot. Most people don’t. That’s fine. but if I’m not accepted for how I show up, it’s best to not work together.
  • Seek your own inner guidance. Feelings are a well-honed natural guidance system for life. Hear AniKiko’s “Follow the Whispers
  • Play hard. Beastie Boys said “My work is my play cause I’m playing when I work”
  • Do the right thing. We are playing a long game. Prioritize long term thinking over short term gain.
  • Get N’Sync. “You don’t have to be alone.” Work with a partner. I tend to spiral off course otherwise.
  • Be selfish as needed. It’s OK to take care of yourself. If I am not feeling well, I cannot safely support others.