09 Sep 2022, 10:00

0140 You've got talent

What are fish good at? Swimming! Breathing under water!

Do fish know they are good at these things? Do they think about it? I imagine not; it’s just what they do!

What are you good at? ___________! __________________!

Do you know you are good at these things? Do you think about it? I imagine not; it’s just what you do!

In fish-world most everyone swims, which is where my analogy breaks down.

In human-world, each person has different innate talents. I won’t claim everyone is in a state to use their talents, but you’re spending time reading this book, so let’s explore the idea.

  • What types of questions do people generally ask you?
  • What problems do people come to you for help?

Exploring these questions for myself, I have learned I’m a good listener. I’m also grounded, for lack of a better term.

People have described me as “like a tree.”

Missy once had a dream where everything was in chaos, while I was standing in the middle, calmly holding space.

This chapter appeared after Jeremy Weikel reminded me

Another take-away from our talk: Keep an eye out for other parts of yourself
that you consider ordinary, normal, and unremarkable, but that you see other
people take note of. Hidden superpowers revealed = sacred gifts given to us,
to use to heal this world.