31 Aug 2022, 16:12

Why you should walk barefoot (draft)

power of positivity Scientists-Explain-What-Happens-To-Your-Body-When-You-Walk-Barefoot

I declare walking barefoot is a starting point.

It’s one of many starting points on the journey to self discovery. Who are you? Why are you here (on earth)?

For most people, wearing shoes has become the norm. Taking off the shoes allows one to experience a whole lot of sensations! Per area, there are more nerve endings on our feet than on our hands.

Hundreds of people have joined my barefoot walks. For those who have forgotten what barefooting is like, taking off their shoes outside results in a lot of Wow! There’s so many sensations!

Then after the mind calms down a bit, we can remember “oh that’s right! I have feet!” Then expand our awareness: “oh yes I have a body!”

Then go a bit more subtle from the physical body: wow not just physical sensations, I have emotions! Then, ooh emotions! How do I deal with them?

Then we learn a bit and discover emotions are like a guidance system for living. They help us navigate the world when used properly.

Feel angry? set a boundary.

Feel sad? it’s time to grieve.

Feel guilt? it’s time to apologize.

Feel fear? time to dive in deeper into the emotions.
Is it fear based on a real external thing? get more info or run away! Is it fear based on an old story? Is it mixed with excitement? You might just be onto the next best thing in your life. Go for it! (See Pressfield’s book Do The Work)


but wait, there’s more!

Awareness of our body and emotions is nice, but what about just using our body the way it’s designed?

Humans have taken to standing, so we need to balance. Your feet are a big part of that.

Do you cover your eyes to read? Why cover your feet to balance? Allowing your feet to give your brain info about balance is great.

Allowing your feet to actively maintain your balance is even better.

Set your toes free! Let them wiggle and explore the world. Let them do their job of telling you where you are and how you’re standing.

That way they grow strong and keep you living longer.


People who can balance on one foot for more than ten seconds LIVE LONGER.


Yeah when you’re 80 years old, lose your balance and fall over, you might die right there, or at least probably going to break a bone, which tends to break the spirit being held up in bed with busted hip or whatever.

Simple solution: take off your shoes now! Allow your toes to actively balance!

Start wiggling those toes. Like building muscles, strength improves over time.

Can you play rock paper scissors with your feet? It’s not just a funny game; it can help you live longer!