26 Jan 2022, 09:25

About Bold Life Tribe

Bold Life Brotherhood was for men.

Bold Life Tribe is built for teams:

Bold Life Tribe

  • For teams ready to take it to the next level
  • For communities ready for more in life





This support group will help your team:

  • Take transcendent action to the next level
  • Focus on taking bold action in the world
  • Build community to stay focused and accountable

What is Bold Life Mastery?

The Bold Life Tribe twelve session course can be repeated indefinitely as we take daily bold action towards improving our lives.

bold life tribe wheel

Every meeting will focus on a different core virtue.

The Jungian Archetypes

Bold Life Tribe draws on the energies found in the Jungian archetypes. These are sensible and practical. They are universally shared ideas, symbols, and energies. When you make an important decision, you exercise careful thought and wisdom (Sovereign energy). When protecting your family from harm, your energy would be sharp, focused, and fierce (Warrior energy). It’s that simple. The key is knowing which kind of energy to bring to which situation.

Costs (for twelve focus meetings)

¥100,000 per person, for teams up to 15 people.


  • hear your inner CALLING
  • share your deepest TRUTH
  • hone inner PURPOSE
  • build effective SYSTEMS
  • discover transcendent ACTION
  • inner and outer JOY
  • time and ability to CONNECT
  • deep dive into INTIMACY
  • settle into SOVEREIGNTY
  • discover your greatest OFFERING
  • learn when to RELEASE
  • live prosperous freedom FREEDOM


Questions are welcome at rob (AT)robnugen.com or via the contact form.