12 Dec 2020, 14:27

Great walking meditation today Dec 12th at 12 noon

So happy Akiko, Cyabo, and Yui joined Amaru and I in the walking meditation workshop today. Amaru has joined three times, and for Akiko, Cyabo, and Yui, it was their first time each.

Entering the park, we walked slowly under the beautifully yellow, orange, red, crimson leaves on trees near the 新宿門 entrance. Walking meditatively toward the spot we used the past two times I have done walking meditation, we took in the colors and took some pictures.

2020 dec 12 colorful leaves

I pointed out the nice soft grass and guided them to carefully try the rough surfaces of the asphalt sidewalks, including grates and round plates (manhole covers).

2020 dec 12 amaru akiko cyabu yui 1 2020 dec 12 amaru akiko cyabu yui 2

We did some freestyle meditative walking around the green tarp which held our stuff, and I tried crawling on the ground to get more contact with grass and earth. Amazingly, I found a bee(?) that was in its final stages of life, and held it in my hand for a while. Foolishly, I did not take a picture of it. Somehow I thought that would be irreverent, and now I wish I had the pic for my journal.

We ended up sitting in a group and I led some breathing meditation while feeling connected with the body and earth.

The wind started picking up a bit so we left our space around 1:30pm. Amaru headed home and I walked through the greenhouse with Akiko, Cyabu, and Yui.

2020 dec 12 curly green vines 2020 dec 12 curly red flowers