10 Dec 2020, 23:30

Weekly Alignment - Who are we outside of time?

Tonight we had a chance to notice we still exist even without a past or future. How does a timeless being use its skills while living in time?

Sit back, relax, and discover your truth for yourself. :-)

Noticing your physical body, allow yourself to simply be in the
body, being with your breath.

Your physical body has a past in the physical dimension.  Your
body has had experiences and changes over time.

The body uses oxygen and burns food to give it energy. These are
all natural processes.  The body knows how to take care of itself.

So the body exists in time. And for this exercise, we will allow
ourselves to let go of the body, knowing it will be here when we
are finished, as the body has a future.

So, just thank your body for a moment and allow it to take care of
itself. We will be right back with the body.

Noticing what remains, you might notice mental thoughts and
ideas. These often have a time component based in memories and

So let's also allow these mental constructs to drop away, noticing
what remains as you release everything about your history,
everything about your future, just let it drop away.

Noticing something remains.  There is an awareness.

Mind may come back trying to get your attention. Just allow it to slip away.

Noticing what remains as we drop everything away: all the concepts
of identity, all the words. Just allow them to slip away.

Noticing what remains, releasing all concept of identity or memory.

Noticing in this moment: noticing what is here.  What is it that perceives?

Recognizing even as we release everything; allow everything to
drop away. Something remains.

Who or what is releasing?

Recognizing the part of you which remains, even as we drop away

Allow that part of you to re-inhabit the physical body. Maybe
connect with the notebook, just noticing what's here, capturing
this truth of who you are.

[allow time to write]

Again, allowing everything to drop away. Again, release your
physical body, thanking it for taking care of itself.

Again release any words. Releasing any identity.

Simply be here now.

Recognizing something cannot be released.

Recognizing no name, no form, no desire, no color.

It simply is.

Recognizing this IS-ness has no location, no time; it is always
here. Always now.

And so, as we begin to notice the body breathing, allow the
IS-ness to settle gently within the body, finding everything to be
working optimally, as you settle back into your body.

Beginning to remember this the history you have shared with the
body the experiences it's brought with you

Noticing this IS-ness is always here; always available for your
pure experience.

As you're ready, allow your fingers to begin to move. Remembering
this body has fingers has arms, legs.  Reconnecting with this
physical body. Recognizing the IS-ness remains unchanging, even as
the body changes and moves.

(Recall your super power from last time.)

Recognizing the part of you that remains, even after we release
the physical body [and] release the identity.

Notice this superpower as an innate quality, innate skill that has
come with this life you're experiencing.

Breathing into your ability and your skill which is one of many
skills but just thinking about the one for now for simplicity.

What are some ways that a timeless being can use this skill in an
environment of time?

Recognizing yourself at your essence, to be beyond time, how do
you use this skill within time? .. as you experience time?

This is a superpower offered as part of your package arriving into
this life experience.

This life experience is an opportunity for you to experience using
this power, almost as if it's one chance to use this power.

And yet as you exist beyond time you understand there are infinity

How do you use *this* chance *this* superpower while moving
through time *this* life?

Feel free to note down any inspirations that come.

Feel free to simply sit with your superpower outside of time,
knowing in your experience, you have unlimited time.

How do you serve yourself and others as you're experiencing time