11 Feb 2021, 17:32

Weekly Alignment - Letting Go

Weekly Alignments 7pm Thursdays JST

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Learn how to use your subconscious to manifest your desires (sigil magic), and enjoy a meditation allowing new things in to your life.


Today's concept is letting go. And there's a couple ways we can
practice letting go.

What's coming up as an idea is creating a vision for ourselves in
either a visual image if you if you enjoy sketching things out and
drawing, or it could be a text description like words describing your
optimal situation.

So of those two options, do you have a preference? If it would be
visual or verbal?

Yeah, and we can do both, I mean, in this case, I'll say "create your
vision," you'll be either writing words or drawing the vision.

Hmm? Yes, good, this, drawings will work in this process as well. So
just starting with whatever is most comfortable for you.

Take a moment to get in your mind, a vision of something you want to
create for yourself or to experience for yourself.

Make sure your request is something that is neutral to those around you.

You can say for example, "I receive money."

But do not say, "that one guy will pay me back money."

Or you can say "I receive love." But don't specify who you want to love you.

By keeping it neutral is safe practice.

Trying to change someone's will is a type of black magic. So be sure
you keep your request neutral for the universe, and the people around

And we're going to do a process that allows it to be handled by your
subconscious is one way of saying it.

So starting with the verbal description that you can write, take a
couple minutes to describe the optimal situation that you want to
create for yourself, and it could just be one one small topic.

Take about
a minute or two minutes, write 10 or 20 words that described this
optimal situation.

Any one that you pick now is fine. This process works best if you do
it multiple times and the reason will become clear as we do the

So don't worry too much about choosing the perfect one. Just allow
yourself to choose something that you want to create or experience in
your life. You don't have to share it with us. These can be your own
private desires, whatever they are.

Let me know once you have your phrase written.

Mine came out to 12 words. So 10 to 20 words is probably easy to work with.

And you can you can do this multiple times.

So, once you have your, your phrase your description, we're going to use
the letters of this description to create a symbol that represents
this phrase.

And there are many possible ways that this can be done, I'll go with
one that I learned from one of my teachers to start by removing all of
the vowels in the phrase.

So, leaving the consonants you can just cross out the vowels and then
rewrite the phrase with just just the consonants.

And then any repeated consonants will not get repeated in the new

So removing the vowels, you're writing just the consonants that are
there one time for each consonant in the description.

And then once you have the consonants, kind of extracted will then
create a a symbol, I lost the word [sigil], like a seal.

So for me, I have the letters R, T, N, L, Y and then etcetera, that
I'm going to incorporate these into one symbol using just these

And they can be upside down or sideways. They can be merged
together. Anything that makes a unique a unique shape, that may be
interesting to look at.

Letters can be backwards or whatever. So I've come up with this,
incorporated all my letters here upside down and backwards and
sideways all merged into one shape.

And these are the consonants that I extracted from my phrase.

And then can refine this, this symbol, kind of melt it down, by
rewriting it until the actual words are out of your memory.

They're gone from your memory and i'ts just just the symbol that

allow this symbol to get more and more symbolic.

And I just looked up the word it's called sigil, S-I-G-I-L that we're

I've got my sigil down to this shape here.

2021 feb 11 sigil

So the letters are almost not even visible anymore. But the
subconscious remembers.

I'll describe the next part but before doing it, the recommendation
would be to create some more sigils using the same concept until you
don't remember which one is which, but your subconscious remembers.

And creating that break in consciousness as part of the "letting go"
process that we're allowing the, the spirit or the the universal magic
to, to bring this into our awareness or into our lives.

And the next step once you have forgotten completely what the symbol
was for what's the sigils for: get into a highly emotionally highly
charged state.

And one of the most common versions for this is a sexually charged
state, to the point of orgasm in whatever way is best for you, whether
with a person or without, and take one of the sigils and look at it
during your experience of orgasm and let it burn into your mind.

and memorize it and feel it and not remember what it was but just
completely in that moment of, of high emotional energy, positive
emotional energy, charge that sigil into your mind and your memory and
then let it go.

Lose the paper it's done. And that's the process of using the sigil to
allow your your subconscious mind to bring this into your life with
emotional and spiritual connection.


For the next part of tonight, I wanted to talk about what it means for
you to let go of something and what does it What does it require to
change in your being to let something go?

This is a very broad topic. So whatever answers come up for you are

Using what I heard you guys speaking, I wonder if we can do a little
meditation process that might facilitate the letting go.

So, take a moment to settle into your space, using this as a miniature
letting go. Letting go of any tension in your body.

Letting go of your breathing.

Letting go of your mind as it may continue to run or not. Just let
that go. Either way is fine.

Recognizing that the mind may have its own ideas for how to control
things or how to bring things into fruition

and yet, you know from experience that most things are not yours to control.

So just for a moment, allow the mind to drift away.

Just let go of the mind for this moment.

Having already created the vision for what you want to achieve or what
you want to experience.

Allow yourself to trust the process.

Trust that the universe has heard your request.

And the entire universe is in motion toward fulfilling your highest desire.

As creative beings we create with our vision with our intention,

sending the vision out into the universe and allowing it to be
reflected back, effortlessly on our part.

Allowing yourself to allow a new vision into your life,
opening your heart, with the power of spirit within you.

Expand expanding your being to its full potential.

And allowing this answer from the universe into your life, into your

And as we enjoy this new experience, there will become a next desire
or a next want.

We create an intention or create a vision based on the new desire, the
new want.

visualizing it, and trusting the universe has heard.

Allowing ourselves to grow into the being who is ready for the answer,
ready to allow this new vision into your life.

This is an ongoing cycle, happening effortlessly as we live.

and adjusted exactly to the size we allow ourselves to accept.

Practice allowing yourself to be filled from within by the infinite
spirit fully embodying all of your parts all of your being,

allowing them to be manifest into our lives.

In a moment, we'll be coming back into our shared space.

Recognize this as a miniature version of the same:

visualizing seeing with your physical eyes: the room around you and
the computer screen

allowing the being inside you to grow into that space of eyes
open. Bringing this vision into reality

Allow each vision to be as seemingly as simple.

In the book Course of Miracles, it says there's no order in
miracles. They're all the same size.

If anything came up for you during that exercise, you're welcome to
share if you like.