14 Feb 2021, 15:34

Great overnight in Chiba led by Max and Emico

I most enjoyed the conversations with Emico and Zicco about the nature of spirituality and God’s rules vs man’s rules, ego vs enlightenment.

Amaru and I were paire by each selecting the tarot card about “The Fool’s Freedom.” My version showed a happy old man in India or Pakistan as he looked right at the camera while everyone else was focused elsewhere.

Emico explained the symbols for us with such dexterity because it turns out she helped design the cards! I don’t really do tarot, but I considered buying a set.

I tried expressing as much gratitude as possible during the trip.

Great fun climbing on rocks at the beach and Zicco even went for a bit of a dip.

Last night Emico led us in some breathwork designed to release unwanted and unserving energy. Just as she was saying the process was designed by her master, we felt the earthquake that registered 7 on the scale. The earthquake went on for so long that I still felt shaking even after it must have finished by then?..

I stayed awake way too late that night after Amaru and I guided each other through the breathing process. We got to a late start after the day kinda got away from us via intro circle in the big park near Chiba Station and then lunch by a seaside parking area.

Late delicious dinner, late powerful breathing, then late warmly floating in the big hot bath, which probably held 500 gallons of water. It was big enough that I could fully float with ny legs fully extended straight.

I slept in today, skipping early wakeup to see the sunrise, skipping Design Your Day, and apparently giving Zicco enough time to enjoy the hot bath as well. Around 8:30am he said we needed to go so we packed and headed to meet the others.

I was confused because I thought the sunrise viewing was near the house where we stayed. Nope!

That gave Zicco and I a great chance to converse about religion and the nature of God and we came to a critial question. Does God say “why didn’t you believe me?” after we die? I say “no” and it might be that Zicco says “yes” but there’s a translation issue involved (from Arabic to Engish at least), and some definitions required. What exactly is englightenment?

Our conversation continued on the steps of the ropeway lower station while Ayako, Emico, Zicco, and I waited for the rest of the group to come down.

Five of the crew whizzed off to Chiba station: Sofia, Mariia, Miri, with Zicco driving and Emico navigating.

Ayako drove our car with Max navigating, then Miyako, Amaru, and I in the second set of seats, then Luke and Mon-chan in the back seats.

So glad to sit by Amaru; she said she would be happy to help figure out places for me to stay during my walk, and then even helped me find Moneytree: accounting software in English that deals with Japanese receipts.

When I first learned of them back some years ago, they did not have full accounting stuff so I am really glad they added it!

(handwritten version on page 92 of white volume)