14 Mar 2021, 20:07

Barefoot across Japan for suicide prevention

I am planning to walk barefoot coast to coast (the short direction) across Japan’s main island.

How can walking barefoot help prevent suicides?

Walking barefoot includes several relaxation techniques to reduce stress including

  1. Meditate,
  2. Be Present,
  3. Tune into your body,
  4. Get Moving, and
  5. Decompress.

Being barefoot keeps me keenly aware of the present moment with each step. This keen awareness is a type of meditation, keeping my conscious awareness focused in the present moment.

While walking barefoot, I definitely tune into my body and get moving … and my feet are decompressed, happily free from the confines of shoes!

I think if more people were aware from moment to moment that would help lower stress in general.

Walking across Honshu is a personal challenge as well as raising awareness for self care / suicide prevention. Also hopefully encouragement for you to keep pushing your limits!

I am using GoGetFunding to help raise money for the walk, with proceeds after expenses going to Tokyo English Life line (TELL). TELL is dedicated to providing effective support and counseling services to Japan’s international community and its increasing mental health needs.

Ways to support

488,664 / 1,000,000 yen goal

49% funded!

█████████████████████████████████████████████████ █████████████████████████████████████████████████___________________________________________________

Anticipated costs for the walk include:

Daily costs:

  • food 2000 yen / day * 20 days = 40,000 yen
  • accommodation 8,000 yen / day * 21 days = 168,000 yen

One-time costs:

  • sweat-wicking underclothes 30,000 yen
  • rain pants 8,000 yen
  • rolling cart 3,000 yen
  • camera with APS-C size sensor (for print quality photos) 44,000 yen
  • battery for old computer 5,000 yen

already purchased:

  • old computer
  • phone for livestreaming
  • unlimited data plan
  • rechargeable batteries for phone
  • solar panel
  • rain jacket
  • tent
  • sleeping bag

All extra donations will go to TELL

Since its establishment in Japan in 1973, TELL has been dedicated to providing world-class, effective support and counseling services to Japan’s international community and helping to address the country’s growing mental health care needs.

My walk is in TELL’s March 2021 Newsletter!