08 Jul 2020, 21:35

headed home after work

Pretty good day at work with four 50 minute lessons and one 30-minute meeting in a 5 and 12 hour timespan.

In the two evening lessons with adults, I talked about my plans to talk about emotional help during my walk to Niigata. I got lots of nods but not a lot of comments so I wonder how much they understood.

This topic came up after one of the students talked about having their family dog in what are now probably the last months of its life. It’s pretty old and prognosis is not looking very good.

I’m grateful that my students are willing to talk about deep and sensitive topics.

We also talked about how music concerts have pretty much been put on hold. I look forward to seeing the creative ways creatives will connect with their audiences.

In other news, I wrote to the TV Tokyo director who did my segment two years ago. I’m looking forward to a reply from the crew to see how we can arrange for them to walk with me on my walk.