05 Apr 2020, 20:08

State of My Life Address

Wow it’s been days since I wrote.

  1. There is only one topic, and the topic is COVID-19
  2. As a result of “physical distancing” and “social connecting” many people and I have been doing workshops and such online.
  3. I have not been keeping as up-to-date with my invitations, and at my most recent event, no one else attended. I gotta invite people more!
  4. Tonight was my last lesson (for a while) teaching Mutsumi.
  5. Mai came over tonight to hang with Lin and I.
  6. I am really impressed with Oren’s ability to gather up a bunch of people to present things online during this nearly worldwide COVID Quarantine.
04:58 Saturday 11 April 2020 JST

I just sent a Tinyletter newsletter with more details. It is in my blog, but I am too tired to figure out the link now. I guess here: Getting myself out there

17:12 Thursday 23 April 2020 JST

April 10th I went to Omotesando

2020 apr 10 omotesando sans peeps

Jennie is very cute.

2020 apr 13 cute jennie portrait 2020 apr 13 cute jennie

I made a tensegrity about a week ago after seeing some on Reddit.

2020 apr 14 tensegrity