12 Feb 2018, 15:04

aint written in a while (warning blood) NSFL

15:04 Monday 12 February 2018 JST

Been working on MT3 pretty consistently, and started working on AB again now that the new verbal agreement has started.

Recently I found complice (referral link) which seems like a pretty good system for organizing my day and stuff. I have 19 days in my free test period.

Complice has a slight learning curve, but built-in pomodoros plus a magic way that when I open a new tab it reminds me what my latest thing to do is. Complice connects my tasks with my larger goals, and allows me to fill in some of the WHY I am doing different tasks, to help keep me on task.

It is because of complice that I am writing this journal entry now.

Anyway, I stubbed the crap out skin off of my toe yesterday and will wear shoes for a bit.

I wonder how long that image will be available.

Right now I am writing this entry while waiting for the AB server to finish its backup.

Ah wait a minute. Another backup started at the same time. That may be why they are going slowly. I will look at them tomorrow.