Men's Circle: Sex, Love, and Intimacy

gathering time 6:45pm Thursday 21 March 2024

Rob Nugen in plaid red

Image credit: Mark Wild


Do you struggle to be seen and heard by the opposite sex?

Are you desiring more sex and intimacy in your relationship?

What would happen if you could overcome these challenges in your life?

What would happen if you could discuss sensitive issues that no one talks about?

Brother, I hear you. I’ve struggled with these questions; I’ve been there and done it too.

Anything is possible with the right support and pathway. You can turn it around like I have.

I’m Rob Nugen, a connection coach for men. I help you discover your gold in your unique journey of divine masculinity.

I started my inner work journey with the ManKind Project in 1997. I founded ManKind Project Japan in 2015 and have grown in my leadership and facilitation skills, with over 25 years of experience and training to support men in working through the issues they face in life. I’ve been trained in ShadowWork, Cuddle Party, as well as a crisis hotline volunteer.

Now I’m bringing this experience to you in Sydney.

For 12 years I was locked in an unsatisfying marriage where I sought other relationships. Now I’m in a devoted passionate heart-centered relationship, aligned with my needs and values as a man.

Now it’s your turn to discover what’s possible for you in sex, love, and intimacy.

Here’s what you’ll experience in this circle:

  • Confidential space for you to settle in, so you can be fully present, authentic and vulnerable
  • Grounding meditation to drop into your healthy masculine
  • Open discussions around sex, love and intimacy
  • Learn why you are triggered by your romantic partners (and why this is a gift for you)
  • Raising awareness around our stories and projections in personal relationships

If you feel called to dive deeper in a private container, there’s an opportunity for further work with me man to man.

Feel free to share this event with other men who would appreciate this support.

This sacred space is for 8 men only.

Reserve your spot now for $49

With brotherly love and a bear hug,

Rob Nugen
Connection Coach For Men