Mt. Mitake barefoot hike and Rengeshoma flower viewing

gather at 9:43 at Mitake Station; bus starting at 10:14 Sunday 14 August 2022

2021 dec mitake shrine by pentagonta

image credit: ぺんたごんた

Let’s enjoy a scenic summer hike together walking up and down Mt. Mitake - a nature spot and ancient center of mountain worship.

I’ll be barefoot, and you’re welcome to try hiking barefoot as well!


Slow paced hike (optionally barefoot) up and down Mt. Mitake

August 14th, Sunday

Meet at 9:43am at Mitake Station

1000 yen

Attendance Update!!

Mt Mitake Update!!

Hello barefoot hiking team!

Just a reminder that the weather is quite hot and is apparently predicted to be 34° and possibly rainy on Sunday for our Mt Mitake hiking event.

Therefore please bring lots of water and maybe a big hat and whatever you need to protect yourself from the sun and rain.

Speaking of high temperatures, I (Barefoot Rob) have had a fever and sore joints for the past 30 hours. For the safety of the community, I will not attend the hike. I’m sorry I cannot join you guys!

Elena will be leading the event, and Andy will be collecting money and signing your point cards.

If for any reason you plan not to attend, please update your RSVP on Meetup:

Blessings Barefoot Rob


What to bring:

  • Your water or soft drink, lunch
  • Hat in case of sun
  • Rainwear in case of rain
  • 1000 yen


  • Hiking/walking shoes
  • Towel, wet tissues for your feet
  • First aid supplies
  • Sunscreen
  • Insect spray
  • Picnic sheet, seat pad
  • What ever you may need to take care of yourself

Transit to Mitake:

(click links for details)

Option 1:

(Barefoot Rob plans to be on this train:)

Option 2:

Meet in Mitake Station:

The main meeting point is Mitake Station, by 10:03am (latest).

From there, we’ll take the 10:14am bus to ケーブル下(バス)280 yen

Main hike:

Once off the bus, we’ll enjoy hiking up to the top of Mt. Mitake (929 m) via Rengeshoma flowers nature preserve, which are endemic to Japan’s Honshu island.

We’ll eat lunch at the top of the mountain (bring your lunch or you can buy it on the way to the top, if you’d like to join us) and then have a hike back down. Depending on how people feel, we can take the cable car and/or bus back toward Mitake Station.

Optional after hike:

  • Mitake Gorge - we can rest and explore along the Tama river as we walk back to the station.

  • Soba restaurant 5 min walk from Mitake Station: ぎん鈴 Soba


It’s about 10 km up and down the mountain. We’ll go relatively slowly, enjoying nature and conversation.

By joining the event you agree that safety is your own responsibility. You are welcome to wear shoes anytime you need to.

I always recommend self care, so if it’s too hot or humid for you, no pressure to join this time. I look forward to seeing you at a future event!

That said, updates will be posted on this URL until the morning of the event:


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Add me (Barefoot Rob) on LINE and let me know you want info about this event. I will make sure you stay up to date for this walk. You have the option to join our LINE group for barefoot walking events.