Slow Paced Hike on Mt Takao: Barefoot Challenge!

gather at 9:45 at Takaosanguchi Station; walk starting at 10:00 Sunday 10 July 2022

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Slow Paced, crowded, Barefoot Hike on Mt Takao

10am July 10th (Sunday, so it will be crowded!)

Meet at 9:45am Takaosanguchi Station

1000 yen

Bring your own lunch and water. We’ll eat lunch on top of Mt Takao.

We will climb the (mostly paved) Trail 1 of Mt Takao.

Onsen at the bottom after hike!


What to bring:

  • Water: enough for yourself (*)
  • Your lunch (we will have lunch on the top of the mountain)
  • Hat in case of sun
  • Rainwear in case of rain
  • (Hiking) shoes (please wear shoes whenever you need to!)
  • 1000 yen


  • Towel, wet tissues for your feet
  • First aid supplies
  • Sunscreen
  • Insect spray
  • Picnic sheet, seat pad

After party:

  • Bath towel, spare clothes (there is an onsen near Takaosanguchi Station, if you want to relax in onsen after the hike).

(*) It takes 100+ minutes to go up Mt Takao (in shoes), so I suspect at least 2-3 hours for us to hike/walk barefoot. This site says bring 1 liter of water for every 2 hours:


You can buy insurance from your own provider at your own discretion.

By joining the hike you agree that safety is your own responsibility, not organizers'.

This event is on, rain or shine. Only if the trails are closed or trains stopped will the event be canceled. That said, updates will be posted on this URL until the morning of the event:


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Add me (Barefoot Rob) on LINE and lemme know you want info about this hike. I will make sure you stay up to date for this hike. You have the option to join our LINE group for barefoot walking events.

About Takao Trail 1: