Create a Portrait of Your Soul

gather at 15:50; start around 16:00 Sunday 26 June 2022

2022 June 26 Create a Portrait of Your Soul flyer

Create a Portrait of Your Soul

The Magnet for Your Dreams


Create a powerful collage artwork to make your dreams & wishes come true…. ✨

With guidance and the Portrait of the soul art therapy technique you can transform your artwork into a powerful spiritual tool & mirror of your soul…

Let’s have fun being creative… ✨
Let’s dream BIG and use the full potential of the new era…

It’s time to focus on yourself… create & invest energy for your life, your wishes, your future… ✨

If we don’t have a clear goal or a wish, living life can be similar to walking in a dark forest without a flashlight…
which is the right direction, what is the right step to take?

Let’s turn on the light of the heart and use your artwork as a compass, a magnet for your dreams…

Let’s take steps in 2022 confidently… each step can bring us closer to the meaning of our life…

Experience and learn spiritual techniques how to work with your artwork further…
how to bring it to life…
how to direct energy to make your wishes come true…

Have fun with dynamic meditation and enter inside your artwork…

“If you deeply believe in your lucky star,
you will become the master of the universe
with the power to transform material world
as well as your life…”

Your Guides

🙏 Emico Miscella 🙏

Emico experienced living, studying and teaching for over 9 years in a Love & Nirvana Sanctuary on the ocean shore in palm tree forest in a pure power spot in Siargao Island, Philippines. She is guiding people from around the world in retreats through energy & chakra work, meditation techniques, dynamic movement & dance detox healings, art therapies, astrology & tarot initiations, mystical rituals, fire walking and other adventures…

She feels true happiness and fulfillment to empower all kinds of unique personalities to reconnect with oneself, own authentic path and upgrade life to next level…

Since 2020, she is leading retreats, teacher trainings, courses, workshops and private sessions in different parts of Japan.

Emico has University degrees in History of Art and Comparative Art Studies and is teaching Portait of the Soul Art therapy techniques since 2012.

🐾 Barefoot Rob Nugen 🐾

Barefoot Rob walks barefoot everywhere, thereby feeling joy while staying in touch with himself, the earth, and this present moment. He leads barefoot walking events around Tokyo and Yokohama, plus private sessions for emotional healing processes.

After having started his personal growth journey in 1997, Rob moved to Japan in 2003. Rob has been running a men’s peer counseling group in Tokyo since 2015.



Between Shinjuku and Shinjuku-san-chome stations


Energy Exchange:

Seats are limited. Please reserve your place asap!

Early Bird prices until 21 June

8,800 yen for per person or 13,000 yen for two people

After June 21st: 11,000 yen per person or 15,000 yen for two people

Get tickets via Peatix:

Optional things to bring:

Recent happy photo of yourself

Other favorite pictures, if you like

Scissors, favorite pens, pencils, markers

If you have magazines to share, welcome to bring them