Barefoot walk and talk plus barefoot after walk tea party Rinshi-no-Mori Park Meguro-ku

gather at 11:30; meet in Rinshi-no-Mori Park at 12:00 Saturday 25 June 2022

2022 feb 26 rinshi no mori park hide rob teru sho

Refresh your spirit. Touch the earth. Connect with nature.

Barefoot Walking Experience:

Barefoot walking, breathing, enjoying fresh air.

First Meeting Point

Saturday 25 June 2022, 11:30

Musashi-Koyama Station next to Family Mart

Second Meeting Point

Saturday 25 June 2022, 12:00

Circular space in Rinshi-no-Mori Park

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Enjoy Nature

Rinshi-no-Mori Park features forested grounds and open spaces, plus a stream and playground/picnic areas.

Enjoy Connection

Get away from it all by settling into your being and noticing the motions of your body, one breath and one step at a time.

After the walk, we’ll go have an after-walk tea party, for a chance to share reflections of our barefoot walk!

What to Expect:

  • I will talk about how to safely walk barefoot.
  • We will feel asphalt, grass, and myriad other surfaces.
  • Let’s enjoy discovering the park together!
  • After barefoot walk: tea party

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500 yen

What to bring

Whatever you need to take care of yourself. Come wearing lightweight shoes and maybe a bag to carry them just in case you need to put them on during the walk!

Self care is important, so wear shoes whenever you need to!