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Rob Nugen

Find Joy in your life by getting out of your head and into your body.

Rob conducts workshops and meetings giving people skills to connect with each other and with their personal life mission.

Rob has been running a men’s peer counseling group in Tokyo since 2015. Rob has been conducting spiritual workshops in both Tokyo and Kanagawa.

As a long-term resident in Kanagawa, Rob is fully aware of both the joys and pitfalls of life in Japan. In the middle of work, relationships, and other commitments, it is easy to feel cut off, isolated, and eager to find something more meaningful.

My experience in counseling and facilitation work includes:

  • Leading Cuddle Party events
  • 12+ years attending and 6+ years leading a weekly peer counseling circle for men
  • 1+ year’s experience suicide hotline volunteer
  • 20+ years barefoot walking in Houston Texas and Tokyo Japan
  • Shamanic healing training
  • ShadowWork basic training

Your trusted guide

Doing inner emotional work, you should have a competent and trusted guide. Leading my Peer counseling circles has given me vast experience in navigating this territory.

My workshops let you explore what blocks you from offering the best of yourself to the world. Work through the emotions and allow your inner guidance to shine through.



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Trainings and Certifications

  • ManKind Project Primary Integration Training. March 2021

  • ManKind Project Integration Group Facilitation Training. September 2020

  • Shadow Work Facilitator Training. October 2019

  • QPR (Question Persuade Refer) Gatekeeper Training Certification. May 2018 QPR is an emergency mental health intervention for suicidal persons.

  • ManKind Project Leadership Training 1 - The Container of Leadership March 2018

  • Lifeline Support Worker Certification. January 2018

  • ManKind Project Staff Training 1. October 2017

  • Young Religious Unitarian Universalist Youth Advisor 1998 - 2002

  • ManKind Project Primary Integration Training January 1998

  • ManKind Project New Warrior Training Adventure November 1997


Rob is amazing. He is a perfect facilitator in every way. He is caring, kind, self-effacing, honest. Ten out of ten.

– Andy Boerger

2021 apr 06 Anna Preuss testimonial

I met Rob within a business setting and we set a little group up to be accountability buddies. During our group meetings I have gotten to know Rob well and have been continuously impressed by his clear presence, skills and generosity.

Recently, I was struggling with a mental blockage and Rob offered to guide me through a process to explore and resolve the blockage. Rob’s thoughtful and intuitive approach, combined with his grounding energy and gentle commitment to helping others to heal was super helpful in releasing the old pattern.

Anyone, who feels stuck and wants a helping hand or maybe just needs to be listened, would find a session with Rob beneficial. I highly recommend Rob!

– Anna Preuss

Rob has been an enormous blessing in my life. His facilitation work, guidance, and leadership have helped me to sense, understand, express and process my own emotions. He treats each person as a true individual and listens with openness, care, and compassion. In my personal experience Rob is excellent at both counseling and facilitation. He can serve a wide range of clients because he doesn’t have his own agenda, and pays close attention to the subjective and personal aspects of one’s emotions, life circumstances, and individual values, goals, or priorities. Whether you are struggling with overwhelming emotions, seeking greater self understanding, or simply desire more clarity about the direction you want to go in life, Rob can provide the space, tools, and support for you to discover your own wisdom.

– Nathan Brandli

2020 dec 30 bob mayhew testimonial



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