13 Jul 2020, 06:56

bold life brotherhood connection 2 now

Four men attended last night, so we had balanced numbers for the breakout rooms. I was glad to hear the processes were new experiences for them to bring their awareness to the present moment.

The verbal version of automatic writing brought interesting insights; several of the men will take time to practice this again during the week. It reminds me of my days in RC (Reciprocal Counseling).

Thanks to my friend Will Ewing for his words about BLB:

For me the Bold Life Brotherhood has been a gentle journey into
self-awareness. It has helped me to resolve some of my
long-standing personal issues and has been a stepping stone for me
to communicate better with my family.  I'm very grateful to Rob
and his steadfast dedication to helping the world evolve in a
positive manner.

- Will Ewing