16 May 2020, 13:40

welcome to May
"Living a life takes longer than reading a biography."
- Rob Nugen

Welcome to May!

My timeline of workshops has certainly accelerated with the new schedule offered by the Covid Powered Pause. My goal was to lead 24 36 workshops in 2020, easily achievable at 3 per month:

  • First Saturdays: barefoot walkshop
  • Third Saturdays: Your Art Matters (co-lead with Shinobu)
  • ???? : eye gazing or past life memories

Now, as of May, nine+ per month!

I used the quote at the top to remind myself: even as things seem to be accelerated, day to day things seem to be slow, and “normal”. I still eat too much, waste time mindlessly online, haven’t been walking each day, don’t meditate or even study Japanese each day. And that’s okay.

I am distracted by N+1 things even as I write this newsletter, which (in early April) I hoped to write by May 5th so I could include the pun “Go Go!”

On April 30th, I enjoyed having a chance to safely release some anger in my men’s circle. In the process, I dented my wooden desk.

Afterward, I wrote in ink around the dent, “My body and I fucking matter!” and “GO OUTSIDE!!” to act as both an affirmation and a reminder to take care of myself. I need not be cooped up in my room all the time.

And so, to the point, if I can find my way forward, I think you can too. Just keep being as mindful as you can, as courageous as you like, and take care of yourself first before others.

Love and Light - Rob

ps: I am pretty sure this newsletter is way shorter than the previous ones and I am having some anxiety about that but I’m gonna send it anyway.