30 Apr 2020, 18:14

note to self: my body and I matter (NSFW)

(written Monday 18 May 2020 JST)

On April 30th, I was able to process some anger in my men’s circle. I ended up denting my desk in the process, and came up with the affirmation “I fucking matter!”

I wrote the affirmation around the dent so I could remember it.

i fucking matter

I added the date because I like to do that kind of thing, especially for relatively permanent things like dents in wood and ink drawn into it.

2020 apr 30 i fucking matter

Then came the deeper level of work. I grounded myself in my body to let the anger have a voice and found it was my body that was feeling angry at being cooped up in front of the fucking computer all the time. I need to go outside and play!

So I added that to the message. Now it is a reminder, affirmation, and stretch all at the same time.

my body and i fucking matter go outside