10 Apr 2020, 14:01

Connection workshop on Friday morning

I enjoyed leading the first Connection Circle on a Friday morning, as part of Oren’s Quarantine Activity Guide for April 2020. This was the fourth or so time I have led the workshop, and great to see all new people in attendance.

The list below was my agenda, with the numbers being minutes on each bit. 2 hours worked out quite well!

  • 2 Ground rules
  • 5 Grounding
  • 15 Check in (name location feeling)
  • 3 Time + mindfulness = joy
  • 20 Three rounds of gratitude
  • 15 How have you spent your time recently?
  • 5 break (get writing utensils)
  • 25 Healing the past visualization (while connected to the present)
  • 15 If anything, what might you want to change about how you spend your time?
  • 10 (optional) What new opportunities have you noticed?
  • 10 Set SMART Stretch for self

Next circle will be 9:30am - 11:30am Tokyo time Friday April 17th. Enjoy deep connection with like minded people in the safe setting of your own home! must RSVP to join!