Casual 3+km walk around Shibuya from Hikarie to a footbath cafe

Meet at 2F of Hikarie, facing Shibuya Scramble Square. Sunday 22 January 2023

2023 01 14 meeting point

Barefoot Walking Experience:

Slow-paced barefoot walk from Hikarie walking in a loop near Shibuya Station

We’ll see some history of Toyoko Line, have lunch in a small cafe (with vegan options), visit the foot bath cafe, Mominoki House

Meeting Point

Sunday 22 January 2023, 12:45

2F of Hikarie, facing Shibuya Scramble Square (

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Walking surfaces:

Starting in the smooth new pedestrian walkways near Hikarie, we’ll walk along Shibuya River which is relatively smooth we’ll graduate to rough concrete before selecting a cafe for lunch. City streets are generally clean, but can be rough at times.

Please stay alert about where you’re walking to avoid injury.


  • Start at Hikarie 2F, facing Shibuya Scramble Square
  • Walk along Shibuya River, along old Toyoko Line path
  • Lunch in Sarugaku area, price not included
  • Walk past Cerulian Tower and across highway 246
  • Explore some back streets of Shibuya near Dogenzaka
  • Visit Mominoki foot bath cafe, included in price
  • Walk down Dogenzaka to world famous Shibuya Crossing
  • Barefoot photo near Hachiko Statue
  • Say goodbye near Hachiko and disperse to various train lines

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  • 3000 yen (includes footbath cafe)
  • ~2000 yen for lunch

What to bring

  • Optional water/soft drink
  • Layered clothes to stay comfortable
  • Easy-to-wear sandals for hard-to-walk surfaces
  • Whatever you may need to take care of yourself
  • ~5000 yen