04 Feb 2021, 12:09

Weekly Alignment - Digging In

Zeus digging for China

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Digging in to the truth of who we are allows us to fully embody our being. Notice we are animated from within by the breath of life.

I imagine the search could seem complicated, and allowing yourself
to settle within the concept:

I am the one I've been waiting for kind of idea, you know, we are
the ones we've been waiting for. is very supportive idea for me,
it's scary in a way to say "who me? Oh, no!"  kind of, kind of

And it has really turned out to be true in a lot of ways, for me
over many different aspects of my life.

So the, the search continues for, as I hear you saying, and the
invitation to allow the search to come from within with your own
superpowers and your own gifts to the world.

And certainly keep listening to the great masters and the the
people who have recognized the truth of who we are in the, in this

What's coming up, for me is the the concept of being grounded
within the search itself and within the work of moving forward in
the processes.

A lot of things can come up, and if, if we stay grounded, then
whatever comes up is simply something that we notice on the on
the, like, outside of us, so to speak, or within the hologram of
the game that we're playing.

We can remain grounded in the self for the duration of however
long that lasts within within the vision of our life there.

So just to get started, May I invite you to feel this physical
body and feel it sitting relaxed in your chair or in in your seat.
Just fully embodying your body.

Noticing it has been breathing this entire time. That breathing is
there to serve you as you share your gifts with the world.

Allowing the entire space around you to support your being

noticing your breathing.

noticing the thoughts that may come up, just allow them to go by

allow this present moment to expand.

As Alan Watts has said many times the moment on our clock is
measured with a hair line, second hand and we We tend to think of
this present moment as a miniscule, tiny fraction. My invitation
to you is to allow this moment of Now to begin to open.

So it's actually beyond time, this moment of now,

Allow your sense of this moment, the sense of your being to gently

expanding in space,

expanding in time,

recognizing it's all the same stuff, this space time.

So the projection that we see around us, appears to be external to
our bodies and our experience.

Actually, we include it.

Notice what it's like to literally include time and space within
your being.

From this perspective, all of timespace becomes very small as we
see from a grander perspective.

Imagine coming back, focusing more on your physical body.

Whereas you include all of time space, your physical body is
included within space time.

Allow yourself to bring your focus back to your physical body gently.

Slowly coming in to your physical body, noticing the difference in
perspective of the physical body being inside space time versus
our true nature including space time itself.

As you re embody your physical body in this moment,

notice some of the thoughts and ideas that you've had planned for
yourself been wanting to do, whether they're well fleshed out, or
still exploring and moving forward.

Take a moment to write down some of those that come to mind. Some
ideas you've wanted to do.

You may have one big one that's very clear, or few options like a
to do list. Anything is okay.

(pause for writing)

Allow your allow your list to come to completion and find one
topic to focus on for a little discussion.

The idea of digging into this one topic. What are some things that
you may have to let go of in your life in order to fully embrace
this topic? To fully bring it into your life?

(fifteen minute discussion of above question)

And simply the the practice of meditating, whether it's 15 minutes
per day, or one minute, 15 times per day,

This concept of meditation is simply being with myself for this

And it doesn't have to take us a long or a whole elaborate
arrangement. But even in any moment, just be with yourself, and
then forget about it.

"Ah, that's right."

And just be with this help at any time. It's like a continuous
meditation. Anytime you forget, just bring your focus back. And
notice. And it's a continuous process.

(discussion time)

Having the idea of your your list or the item on your list there,

noticing the parts of you who are already connected with this item.

parts of you that are already connected or optimized.

breathing into those parts of your optimal self.

These are your superpowers we've talked about before.

We have many superpowers. We breathe into the ones that are
aligned with this particular topic. Those parts of us that are
already well established. Simple for us to do.

Breathe into those and allow their strength to expand within your
being bringing online other parts of yourself that may not have
had as much practice

Allow your well developed parts to offer energy to the parts that
may desire more energy

as the infinite power of the universe animates.

Allow this animation to expand to all parts of your being.

Blessing all parts of yourself

activating all parts of yourself

really digging in to the truth of who you are.

An infinite being having this experience within a physical body.

The ego has ideas about what needs to be fixed, what needs to be

Recognize everything is perfect.

Everything is correct.

Simply allowing yourself to consciously feel the being.

This being is your groundedness is your ultimate anchor.

Let your consciousness shine like a light within your being

and your light shining out for other people to see.

As you settle fully into your being

allowing your being to effortlessly express itself within the world.

Allowing your work to energize you

feeling excited as you in body more and more of your being

continuing to take moments to notice your being allow this to
become a regular practice. Oh yeah, here I am.

In a moment, we will come back into a speaking mode. Just feel
this experience now in this moment as your awareness is failing
more of your being

As you are aware of more of your being.

Allow yourself to take a mental note or a mental snapshot of this
feeling. So you can refer to it at any point

teller becomes second nature to simply be in full embodiment.

allowing a few more breaths at your own pace.

Simply notice your body breathing itself.

As you notice your Being being itself

Reinforce this mental snapshot of this experience. Keep it in your
proverbial back pocket. So you can call it up at any time

begin to re embody the physical bodies

I welcome you back into this shared space.

(The above transcript was extracted from our live interactive Weekly Alignment on Thursday night.)

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