28 Jan 2021, 23:49

Weekly Alignment - Healing Your Body and Expand Heart Vision

Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition

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Last week, looking from a spiritual perspective, we saw our enough-ness is a given.

"Of course you are enough.  I made you."
- God

This week, we had a chance to converse with a body part in pain, and expand the vision of our heart’s gifts to the world.

As always, I started us with a grounding, starting from 0'0" in the recording:

So, I'll just lead us in a grounding for for a moment while people are joining.

So allow your body to sit firmly in your seat. And with each breath,
let your muscles relax.

Allowing your sit bones to be comfortably stable.

Whether you're sitting down or standing, still allowing that grounded
feeling to reach all the way up through your hips and your sit bones.

Continuing to breathe. Allow the grounding to come up even further in your body.

Allowing any concerns from the day to simply drop off of your
shoulders. Let your shoulders sink down into this groundedness.

Let them share the support coming up from the ground and coming up
from the chair.

As you find your center of balance, your spine settles beautifully
into place: each vertebra relaxing on the one below it.

Your head, fully supported by all the musculature of your body,
balanced and in place.

Just rest in this moment of being in your body.

Fully supported by your seat which is fully supported by the floor,
fully supported by the building which itself is fully supported by the

Earth fully supported in gravity within the solar system.

The Solar System beautifully in its place in the galaxy.

Allowing yourself to be fully supported by the universe.

In this moment, bringing your consciousness back into your physical
body knowing you are in the perfect place. This time moment of now.

I invite you to rest in this awareness of knowing and trusting
yourself to know when it's time to move.

Begin to settle into the idea of opening your eyes into this space we
are co-creating, allowing your body to breathe itself,

and expressing gratitude to your body for continuing to support you as
you begin to open your eyes into our shared space.


The first meditation offered a chance to recognize a part of our body feeling pain or in some need of attention, starting from 7'13" in the recording:

Allow yourself to get settled in your body. If you need to stretch
or move, you can feel free to do that. Before getting settled down
and just again, come to an awareness of your body and awareness of
your breathing.

Allowing your body to breathe itself, and allowing your
consciousness to move down from the mind, allow your consciousness
to settle within your body, noticing how your body is feeling.

There may be some aches or pains. Simply noticing those in this moment.

Take a moment to guide your breath to that part of your body,
really giving it oxygen giving it some attention.

Breathing deeply into your lungs, send that energy to the parts of
your body that may have an ache or pain.

Take a moment to check in with that part of your body.

What is that part of the body telling you?

What need is not being met?

What message does this part of your body have for you?

What types of things can you do to support the ease and proper
functioning of your body, including this part?

Feel free to capture any insights you hear from your body part,
from your body, as it lets you know what it needs.

Take a moment to thank this part of your body.

Thank it for its support. Thank (it) for the insight.

and thanks for letting it know how to give it proper support. So
you can have a mutually supportive relationship with this part of
your body.

After having a healing conversation with our body, this meditation expanded our vision of providing our inner qualities to the world around us, starting from 13'40" in the recording:

Returning your consciousness to your breath, notice your body
continuing to breathe itself.

Allow your focus to center on your heart, your heart chakra.

With each breath, allowing the heart chakra to deepen, and
allowing the heart chakra to expand, wherever it needs to move or

However it needs to settle and feel grounded.

Give your heart chakra permission to move as it needs to energize
as it needs and as supports you.

The Heart Chakra is described as rotating energy going through
your body on both directions. Something like a lotus flower
emanating from your body.

Imagine the energy pure, bright, clear, functioning and
functioning optimally. 100% beautifully.

Recognizing the truth of who you are as a spiritual being, as a
spirit in this physical body,

You have innate qualities, innate skills and abilities we call
superpowers. These are your superpowers.

Breathing into the energies that you love to perform for the world.

Breathing into the way you feel joy in your life.

All the different ways you feel joy.

Breathing into the excitement of new possibilities in life.

Notice how simply you can invoke your superpowers.

Positively sharing your gold with the world.

These are your gifts for the world.

Those activities that heal you and bring you joy.

Notice ways you can do these more often.

Imagine taking more time, more of your precious time in the day
for enjoyment for sharing your gifts.

Imagine how expanding the time spent on your enjoyment in the
world has a ripple effect, both in the gifts that you share and in
the modeling of sharing gifts with those around you.

These gifts come from the infinite spring of the universe;
everlasting unlimited joy is available for you and for you to

Imagine expanding your reach by sharing with more people. What
does that look like?

What might that look like as you share your gifts with more and
more people?

What might you learn about yourself or confirm hunches you already
know about yourself?

Breathe into your gifts and imagine bringing them into the world,
expanding your vision, expanding your reach.

Touching more and more people with the beauty you offer in the

Allow this infinite wealth and spring of energy from the universe
to nourish you as well. Bring your body energy through the love
and excitement of sharing your gifts.

And recognizing the need to take care of your physical body as a
vehicle, this lifetime for sharing these gifts.

You're fully in touch with your body, knowing what it needs,
allowing yourself to take care of yourself as you share your gifts
with more and more people.

Taking a moment now to draw that vision. Write the insights you've
had come to you how you can share your gifts.

(Write) what it looks like to expand your reach expands your
connection with more and more like minded people who love you and
love your gifts.

What does it feel like, sharing your gifts with more and more

How do people react around you when you share your gifts?

Take a moment to create this vision for yourself in a way you can
keep in front of you, so you remember your gifts that you offer.

And allow yourself to take the opportunities presented, where you
can share your gifts.

After you've finished writing I'm curious what you've noticed what
ways you can continue to expand your vision.

Have a couple minutes of silence for writing if you need.

(The above transcript was extracted from our live interactive Weekly Alignment on Thursday night.)

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