07 Jan 2021, 16:35

Weekly Alignment - receive insight from your future self

Weekly Alignments 7pm Thursdays JST

Do you have plans, but not sure how to get started? Ask someone who has done it: your future self!

As you live in a holographic universe, your consciousness can tap into any point in time or space.

Use that to your advantage with the meditation below.

As we get started, just noticing how you're feeling in this moment,
just a casual check in about the transition you've experienced from,
uh, last year into this year, what goals or ideas you have within the
new year that we're starting now?

Recognizing all of those things that you mentioned and recognizing the
options that we have going forward in this year, allow yourself to
just recognize this present moment... and allow the idea of
possibilities in 2021 to come into your mind. Just take a few minutes
to write down the possibilities and the new year as you see them in
this moment.

So choose one of the items on your list, and you may want to do this
process for each different one.

Imagine the future version of you having completed this item, taking a
moment to really settle into the vision of yourself successfully
completing this item or completing this project, recognizing where you
are located. Noticing the people around you and feeling in your body,
how it feels to have completed this very important goal. Allow
yourself to see the version of yourself who has successfully completed
this task, completed this goal. Take a minute to sit down with that
future version of yourself, asking your future self for any insights
or ideas on just how they were able to accomplish this.

Make note of the replies that come.

Really allow yourself to connect with that part of you who has
finished this project.

Maybe asking what obstacles came up and how were you able to get
around them?

What type of regular cadence did you get into to finish this project?

What support did you have from people around you and the universe at

What did you do to receive that support?

What things surprised you during the completion of this project

And thanking your future self for the answers so far, ask if there's
anything else that you should know about this project.

Again, thanking your future self for the time and for completing the
project successfully, allow them to go back into the future and allow
yourself to come back into this present moment.

I'm curious what insight you received from your future self.

Letting yourself tap into that resource at any time, with gratitude,
visualizing the positive outcome and tapping into that version of the

Recognizing that as we are all one, there is only the now.

You can tap into any different version of the universe and move
yourself that direction with your intention and your focus, with your
belief and your trust.

And you're allowing the ultimate creative force in the universe to
move through you as you are creating your life in each and every

Expressing gratitude to those parts of yourself and to that ultimate
creative force, creative energy.

And I bless you in your adventure. Absolutely.

So, yeah, that's the, the beauty of this moment. We can tap into any,
any part of the holographic universe in the moment.

My pleasure, absolutely.

Good to see you tonight. And I look forward to seeing you next week
and we'll continue the the show..

I'll be downloading more channeled info, channeled content, each week
as we do this. So I'm glad you enjoyed it.

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