26 Nov 2020, 23:47

Weekly Alignment - discovering our deepest desire

WWOOWWWW SO GREAT!!! I am super happy with the first Weekly Alignments session tonight.

We explored three points in our Life Timeline and discovered our deepest desires.

I recorded the audio so you can listen below. The recording starts right away, so be sure you find a nice place to relax meditatively then click play or read below:

Here is a transcription of the first part:

Allowing your physical body to relax. noticing the breath moving smoothly. Just allow yourself to relax. Breathing naturally. Imagine your body as it's resting very safely.

Your consciousness is able to begin to lightly float. Feeling the lightness, allow allowing yourself to rise upward out of your body and allow your body to have a protective field around it full of love and light so you can easily return to your body anytime as you continue to move upward.

Beginning to see more of the area around your physical body, moving up until you can see the neighborhood and see even more of the city as you continue to float up and gently and smoothly. Moving up through the sky. Noticing yourself moving through the clouds moving up. Beginning to get to the point that you can see the outline of the land around where you live. Maybe seen the coast continue rising up.

Noticing you can continue to move up and up more easily and more quickly. You can see the shape of the curvature of the planet. moving higher and higher.

Recognizing from this very high vantage point you can see other places you've lived. Continuing to move up, allow yourself to see the timeline of your life.

We're up so high, we've actually moved outside of time itself and can see your life as a timeline as it moves across the planet, different places you've lived. And allow this vision to simply be present for you.

Noticing the places you've lived, noticing the experiences you've had, noticing the desire to explore this state. Explore your life from outside the dimension of time.

Allow yourself to be called by a point along your Life Timeline to a specific point, and time of significance to you. Allow your consciousness to move down toward the earth down toward this point on your Life Timeline. Allow yourself to see this moment clearly, and recognize you're still outside of time itself.

You can move forward or backward through time. See this scene from different perspectives. Notice seeing yourself in this scene. Having this experience from your broader viewpoint, What do you realize needs to happen within this experience for yourself?

Notice what needs to happen to support that version of yourself with the experience. It may be to have a specific help or support. Maybe to have some awareness maybe to know what will happen next. just notice that.

Recognizing that need clearly, make a mental note or write it in your notebook. what needed to happen?

(allow time for writing)

Recognizing this need, allow yourself to go back to this moment and go into the mind of that part of yourself. What was the deepest desire that part of you is experiencing in this moment? What was the deepest desire driving the behavior that led to this moment? Recognizing that desire, take a moment to make a mental note or write in your notebook, the deepest desire from that point in time

(allow time for writing)

And now, in that same vicinity of time. Allow your focus to soften a bit. See what else you notice that you may never have seen before. In this moment, allow this awareness to come clearly and simply.

It may be something you simply know or something you can see. Take a moment to jot down what you notice, some new awareness.

(allow time for writing)

Offering a blessing to this scene, allow your consciousness to gently move away from that point in your Life Timeline. Recognizing this desire yourself had and what was needed at that time. Allow yourself to find another similar point in your Life Timeline that had the same need, or the same deepest desire.

Allow your consciousness to move toward another point in your Life Timeline that had the same need or same deepest desire. Allow yourself to see this scene from outside of time itself. So you can easily move forward or backward through time moving through different perspectives as you need.

Notice the similarities between this moment and the other. Notice the differences even as they share the same need and deepest desire.

Allowing your focus to soften, what else do you notice at this point in your Life Timeline? something you may not have seen before may have forgotten. Allow that awareness to come easily. Now take a moment to write what you noticed similarities, the differences something entirely new.

(allow time for writing)

Offering a blessing to this scene, allow your consciousness to rise upward again so you can see the entirety of your Life Timeline. Allow yourself to notice one more point in your Life Timeline with the same need or the same deepest desire and allow your consciousness to move toward that point. A third point in your life with the same need or same desire remaining outside of time itself.

Allow yourself to move around this scene in time and space noticing the similarities, noticing the differences. Perhaps you see a growth between the two across the time a change in relationships change in a way of thinking.

Allow yourself to notice something new that that part of you did not recognize that the time or recognized and has since forgotten. Something that is clear to you now. See that clearly. Take a moment to write it down, something about this third location along your Life Timeline.

(allow time for writing)

Returning back to the third space point on your Life Timeline, offer your blessing to that point. And allow yourself to move along the Life Timeline toward the present moment. Toward the current moment of now in your Life Timeline. begin moving toward this present moment. So you can arrive back with your physical body.

Getting yourself back into time itself, clearly aligned, perfectly aligned with the present moment and your physical body.

Allow your fingers and toes to wiggle as you arrive back in your body and begin to fully come back into this moment. Once you're ready we'll begin to rejoin the group here.

Before speaking, once you're back in your physical body back in this time and moment, look at your notes using your current awareness, your present mind What do you see in your notes now that you may not have noticed?

Before, we were collecting data. And now we can line up some dots. Once you're finished looking at your notes, noticing patterns let's take a moment to share what you've noticed or share your experience.

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