28 Dec 2019, 15:27

Guided by Goodness

Today I saw a woman feeling frustrated with a small child crying. She was griping at him as he was crying.

I watched for a bit from a distance as she was like しょうがない!ママ 一人からしょうがない!(It’s too bad! I’m alone, so too bad!)

I sighed and walked away. I could hear him crying so I turned back, praying for some insight on how to help. I saw her riding the bicycle, but then she stopped and got off to engage the boy again. I found myself walking toward them.

I put my bag to one side and gently walked up to her. I put my hand between her and the child in his bicycle seat.

I invited her to breathe, and I just held her with my eyes. I reached out and held her hands for a bit. I hugged her and she seemed appreciative.

After about 30+ seconds of hug, I reached my hand back and gently touched the (coat sleeve) wrist of the boy, who was still crying.

After a bit, I held both of their hands at the same time, intending to act as an interface to help them reconnect.

I said in Japanese 私の日本語は下手ですけど、怒ってることを聞こえます。 (my Japanese is bad, but I can listen to your anger.) In English I said “I can handle it. He is very small.”

I gave her my card and invited her to bring her anger to me.

I hope I helped her reconnect with her goodness as a parent.