10 May 2021, 10:24

recovery after walking across Japan

Wow yeah it’s like I’m just glad it’s over, sad it’s over, and not really sure how to integrate all the pieces.

Plus picking up the pieces of broken stories to put into one coherent narrative..

There were lots of times that I found things on the map that I thought would be really cool and then they simply were not as cool and as I expected.

  • This or that park / garden
  • Planet Restroom

And then there were some things I had no idea I would see that were really quite cool.

  • Abandoned hotel in Sarugakyo Onsen area
  • Collapsible walls next to the highway.
  • A trash collector at the end of a small river.
  • Guest House Googoo is little brother to delicious Italian restaurant Googoo
16:17 Monday 17 May 2021 JST

The key takeaways were that nothing really matters. And everything matters. And so we tie that together by saying, Do what you want to do, because everything matters. And do whatever you want to do. Because nothing matters. So you might as well do what you want.

If you do a journey like this and feel inspired to do whatever whatever, make your plans, have the support of the community and go alone.

While it was great to have Jason’s strength to help carry my bag over the mountain, at the same time, having him there affected how I participated in the trip. I felt pulled by that fact that he was there “waiting” for me at any given point that I was doing whatever I want to do. And I, yeah, I kept thinking that he was wasting his time waiting for me. And I was wasting my time by not doing everything that I may have done.

It’s maybe it’d be maybe different if we were in a relationship together, like a couple could bring themselves closer together through the stress of this type of journey, or split themselves apart. But anyway, if it’s a solo journey, make it a solo journey.

Each interaction becomes fresh and history-less. Without history,

as Emico was saying, part of enlightenment comes from being outside of the matrix where you can do whatever you want.

And maybe that’s why I didn’t schedule regular daily check-ins that Craig Mod is doing like every 5pm he does a 30 minute call or something.

Maybe that’s a good balance and getting the community involved. But I wasn’t wasn’t always able to do it.