09 May 2021, 06:01

Creative force

Last night my computer kept shutting down which I assume is caused by faulty interaction with the new battery. I woke up early to try to open the case and take out the battery but was not able to do it because of Apple’s use of pentalobe screws. Ugh.

I tried super gluing my pen cap into the screw but the glue wasn’t strong enough. I tried using my knife from Bill to carve the pen cap into the right shape but wasn’t able to do it.

While in the creative mode, I realized I could use the tape to make a cover for the camera which I used to take photos of the whole operation which I cannot currently put up on my website now because my computer is not working.

I wish I had asked Lin to bring my new computer from home which I have a 2% hope that she did anyway without me asking.

In any case here’s the picture I was able to take and upload with my phone.

2021 may 08 made lens cap for camera