24 Mar 2021, 06:50

For Immediate Release - Rob Nugen walking across Japan for suicide prevention awareness

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Barefoot across Japan: “Barefoot” Rob Nugen walking across Japan for suicide prevention Barefoot Rob Nugen, known among Japanese TV audiences for going almost constantly barefoot, is to walk, mostly without shoes, from Yokohama to Niigata. In addition to the personal challenge, Rob also aims to raise funds for suicide prevention in Japan.

The walk starts at Rinko Park on April 16 and will end in Niigata’s Aoyama Seaside Park on May 8. Rob plans to walk about 15-20km per day. On the first day, before setting off, Rob will lead a guided walking meditation. His progress can be followed on his website at https://www.robnugen.com/. Anyone is welcome to join him for a leg or two of the journey, but will need to take care of their own transport and accommodation.

Rob has set up a crowdfunding campaign to raise money for the journey.

English: https://gogetfunding.com/barefoot-pilgrimage-across-japan-raising-funds-for-suicide-prevention/
日本語: https://gogetfunding.com/barefoot-pilgrimage-across-japan-raising-funds-for-suicide-prevention/?lang=ja

All additional funds will go to TELL Lifeline (https://telljp.com/.) This telephone & chat support service provides free English counselling to people in Japan.

The idea for the walk is not a new one. “I have been adding different important components of my life together, and they have woven together into this walk”, Rob says. These components include his walking meditation events, and his and his work as founder and member of various support groups in Japan.

Rob sees a strong connection between the meditative effects of barefoot walking and wellbeing. “Walking helps me be in touch with my body, gets me moving, connects me to Earth, (and) connects me to myself. All of these are ways to reduce stress, and do self-care.”

Indeed, self-care is an important part of preventing suicide. (https://www.thekimfoundation.org/blog/importance-of-self-care/)

“Coming to the present moment is one of the key ways of noticing what’s here now. And that’s a key way to help go through the feelings, get beyond the feeling of wanting the pain to end”.

So will he really be walking barefoot? Here, Rob is realistic: “I will start walking barefoot across Japan… But when I encounter snow in the mountains, I’m going to put on boots. I’ll be Barefoot Rob wearing boots, walking through snow to continue the journey.”

For further information, visit his website at https://www.robnugen.com/
Rob can also be reached at press@robnugen.com
Donate: https://gogetfunding.com/barefoot-pilgrimage-across-japan-raising-funds-for-suicide-prevention/?lang=ja