22 Oct 2020, 22:02

Day by Day plans for walking route 330km to Niigata

Entire Route:

Here is the entire route on plotaroute.com. The map takes a bit to load all of the meeting points. Be sure to get in touch if you want to meet somewhere as plans are likely to change!

22 days, walking 383km from Shin Yurigaoka to Niigata

Walking 380km from Shin Yurigaoka to Niigata

Planned Meeting Points (likely to change!):

I will walk from my house to Yomiuriland, possibly via 新百合ヶ丘駅 or 百合ヶ丘駅 or neither station and just go a more direct route.

01 walk 04km to yomiuriland

It will probably be dark by the time we leave Yomiuriland, so I doubt we will be able to see much near Tama River. But we’ll cross Tama River and then walk a bit to LiveMax Hotel. (TODO: make a reservation!)

02 walk 08km to LiveMax hotel in Fuchu

We will pass a couple of parks and walk near Kokubunji Station.

03 walk 6.5km to Pizza-la via Musashi Kokubunji Park

04 walk 7.5km to Seibuen amusement park

05 walk 10km to Fujisawa central park

06 walk 14km to Aina water park

07 walk 10km to Strawberry garden

08 walk 12km from strawberry to ranzan bbq tsuki river

09 walk 04km to musashi memorial park

10 walk 07km to Italian restaurant

11 walk 03km Italian restaurant to Arakawa

12 walk 10km to cafe tsumugi at matsuhisa station

13 walk 11km to tone river

14 walk 09km from tone river to kezoji park

15 walk 06km from kezoji park to momonoki river

16 walk 08km from momonoki river to tone river (again)

17 walk 03km to luna park

18 walk 11km from luna park to kaminodafureai park

19 walk 07km to shibukawa skyland park

20 walk 05km to kaneshima onsen

21 walk 10km to planet restroom

22 walk 03km to three parks

23 walk 10km from three parks to ramen shop

24 walk 03km to jomokogen station conveni

25 walk 04km from jomokogen to granpy sports

26 walk 03km to bike course

27 walk 08km to bungee jump

28 walk 06km from bungee jump to Koshii and Izumiya hotels

29 walk 11km from hotels to naeba

30 walk 02km to dragondola

31 walk 07km from dragondola to shukuba onsen

32 walk 07km from shukuba onsen to jackys cafe

33 walk 09km from jackys cafe to echigo yuzawa station

34 walk 07km from echigo yuzawa to Ogumaya Inn

35 walk 06km from Ogumaya to yukokuso

36 walk 07km to restaurants near ryokan

37 walk 04km from ryokan to yasuragi yado

38 walk 06km to 100 year inn

39 walk 05km to French restaurant in Tokamachi

40 walk 11km to farm hendon

41 walk 03km from farm to restaurant

42 walk 08km kinda along Shinano river

43 walk 11km to pizza restaurant

44 walk 05 km from pizza place to sleep by ota gawa

45 walk 05 km from ota river to nyozeza museum

46 walk 10 km from museum to kariyatagawa

47 walk 04 km from kariyatagawa to matthews bistro

48 walk 14 km along joetsu to tsubamesanjo hotel

49 walk 10 km from tsubamesanjo to groceries

50 walk 05 km along nakanokuchi river

51 walk 08 km along nakanokuchi river to cafe

52 walk 06 km between rice fields to sleep between rivers

53 walk 09 km from staircase to niigata station